The Artery is an inclusive art education space offering a range of low cost creative workshops that are accessible for anyone in our community.   Different levels of experience are catered for from beginner to advanced.   Bite sized opportunities are delivered for the public to not only follow their dreams and passion for various art forms but increase well-being and connectedness. 

Our kaupapa is to offer tutors and practitioners a cost-effective purpose-built creative space to run workshops and tutorials; that are accessible for anyone. We are passionate about facilitating artists to achieve a living wage and income at a professional level; and are proactive in helping first time tutors to share their skills and passion for art with the general public.

Items/Tools in The Artery

  • Seating for 14 plus 5 stools and a large wooden work table that seats 12 comfortably

  • Extra fold-able trestle table available

  • Whiteboard with markers

  • WiFi availability 

  • Smart TV

  • 6 double electrical power points

  • Two extension leads and two power boards

  • Kitchen Facilities and sink  including cleaning consumables.

  • Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Unit.

  • A microwave

  • An induction hot plate

  • An electric jug, crockery and cutlery

  • Coffee and tea (please bring in fresh milk)

  • A small portable speaker for phones

  • Two wall fans/heaters and one desk fan

  • Some drop cloths/plastic sheets and general cleaning gear

  • Fire Extinguisher and  First Aid Kit with a Health and Safety Board/Paperwork


The services we can help with: 

  • Email /social media/website promotion.

  • Flyer graphic design, printing and promotion.

  • Pricing and promotional advice and support

  • Booking and scheduling advice and support

  • Bulk booking discounts

  • Health and Safety/Risk Assessment documentation

  • The option of in house, booking and total financial management

General Information: 

We like to plan a long way ahead if possible.   What dates were you thinking of??  We get a much better response rate when we have time to get the word out and about on all our marketing channels.   So pre-planning is a good idea. 


We have two ways that we can work with someone like yourself.     You choose what suits you the best.


1. You run your course, but we do most of the advertising and promoting, on social media and newsletters as well as our website.   We make up all the graphic design, ie flyers and posters.  We also take all the bookings and payments on your behalf and then pay you the profit after costs (including room hire), at the end of the course.  This is called a Incubator Managed Booking. There is an admin fee of $150.00 on this option, Plus the cost of the room, see 2.  When THE INCUBATOR has received an invoice from you then payment will be made directly to your bank account. 


2.  You pay for the use of the room only and we still help with advertising and promoting as we want your course to be successful.  But you do all the bookings and payments and pay us a set rate for the room.  This will be $75.00 per time block (see below, we don’t have an hourly rate).  This is a Venue Only booking.


We MAY have to access some of your photos, text and titles on Social Media to ensure that they fit with the vibe/feel of our brand.  But we can work that out between us.  With a Incubator Managed Booking, we need a long run up, ie start advertising (after we receive your completed form) at least 5 clear  weeks in advance of the start date of the course/workshop. 


Blocks Available and Costs to Tutor: 

Mon-Sun 9am-12.30pm                  $75 per block per session  

Mon-Sun 1pm- 4.30pm                   $75 per block per session

Evenings 5pm-9pm (or longer)    $75 per block per session 

Bulk bookings of 4 or more time blocks are discounted to $50 per block)

Calendar For Booking Availability:       

Please note this calendar is live and subject to change at any time and is a read only

calendar, you will need to confirm the date you want on your booking form below.


Artery Venue Agreement and Health and Safety Procedures:

  • You must  read and adhere to the procedures outlined on the The Artery Venue Agreement.   -  click on the button below.

  • You must also read the Health and Safety Procedures outlined below. 

  • Then you must fill in the submission form below to book a date and time, to use The Artery. 

  • The Artery Co-odinator will confirm your dates and send you a copy of your submission.  

  • You will also be given a paper copy of the Artery Register on or before

           each course/workshop.  – this has to be filled out with the attendees details

          for every course/workshop in order to cover all the health and safety regulations.

We hope you enjoy your  time in our purpose built creative space.

Please contact us if you

have any questions. 


It’s a requirement by law for you to share this listed information with all participants or parties using the venue during your event, at the beginning of each series of classes or a standalone individual event.


Persons discovering an emergency for which the buildings should be evacuated should call 111 and break the glass to the emergency alarm and activate it.

After everyone is evacuated, they should notify Village Administration (during office hours)  of the exact location of the incident. Ph 075713700


Ensure the alarm is raised BEFORE attempting to tackle any fire. Only attempt to deal with small fires, if it is safe to do so without putting yourself at risk, using the portable fire fighting equipment. on the wall by the Health and Safety Board.  



All occupiers, visitors and any other people in the building must respond to alarm activations and leave the building in a orderly fashion .   


The event leader who has signed the Induction Registrar Form (on the clipboard on the health and safety board)  must wear the high vis orange warden arm band  and supervise the evacuation to the designated assembly point. -  Main entrance by the Village Office.  

They must close the doors and hang the designated building tag to the outside of the door. The tag is attached to a twist tie hanging on the Health and Safety Board.   Report the  building number  at the assembly point where they and everyone else must remain to wait for direction from village management or fire service upon their arrival.




We need a list of the hazards & risk management controls for the work you will be doing BEFORE you use the premises.


Please fill out the boxes below listing Potential Hazards and how you will Manage those Hazards.  (examples...craft knives, scissors, blades, glue guns, solvents, heat guns)


Please note all electrical appliances brought into the venue must have NO exposed wires and be tested and tagged.



 The Incubator and its Directors are not responsible for any damage to or loss of any property that you bring to or store on the premises. You are strongly advised to have adequate insurance to cover your property, as The Incubator insurance will not protect your property.


  • Please read,  and make sure you inform your participants and any other parties using the venue, any relevant information or procedures on the “Artery Venue Agreement”. 

  • Please also read,  and make sure you inform your participants and any other parties using the venue  any relevant information on this webpage.    

  • After the informing all your participants and any other parties using the venue, the above listed information please  fill out and sign the “Induction Registrar Form” kept on the clipboard hanging on Health and Safety Boards. 

  • Make sure that you complete the “Incident or Near Miss Form” at the back of the same clipboard if you should have an incident or a near miss incident during your classes or course. And inform a staff member of The Incubator Creative Hub. 

Please note submission of this form constitutes a contractual agreement  

Tutor booking form for The Artery - Art Learning Space