Organisational Statement - Vaccination Mandates 


The Government has announced in October that New Zealanders will need Vaccination certificates or passports to access future events and venues this summer.

The Incubator Creative Hub respects that everyone has their rights regarding their decision to be vaccinated or not. 

As an organisation we understand the practical benefits to have a fully vaccinated team. The decision for some hasn't been easy and ultimately made because of the commitment to the safety of the community and knowing it is the way forward for us to be able to support the sector where we can by enabling events to happen and art to be shared.

As an organisation we have a strong duty of care to our audience and our wider community in regards to our protocols and responsibility to our funders and partners.

To enable us to remain committed to supporting Arts & Culture, to keeping the opportunities rolling in, to support the livelihood of practitioners and performers and to also to save our venues and spaces we will be adapting to the government decisions made regarding the mandating of vaccine certificates when and when they come into play.

Until this happens it will be business as usual within the Level 2 requirements for mask wearing, social distancing and hygiene precautions..

We understand this will potentially mean some missed opportunities for some of you and it could also create the the perception of division.
We politely reiterate we do not take this decision lightly or with any intention to create discord. 


 This decision has been made for all practical and not political reasons

We ask that you respect we are responding to government regulations .

We will not respond to communications where our stance is judged unfairly, criticised or our team attacked and subjected to negative energy.

What we will do is simply put one foot in front of each other and try and get through this as best we can with a positive attitude.


For those whom we won't see in person for a while because of these regulations we are still continue to be connected to you all via our social media. 

'Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

We are awaiting official information from the Government on how this will be managed and what will be required upon entry to large events, workshops and festivals we deliver.

Questions you may have:

Q: I have a vaccine exemption. Am I able to attend?

A:  We are awaiting further information on this. We understand there will be an exemption process with certification for the small number of people who are unable to get a vaccination for medical reasons only.

Q: Will my children need an exemption certificate to attend?

A: At this stage children under the age of 12 will not be required to show proof of vaccination. This could change and we will adapt our policies accordingly.

Q: Will I be able to perform or participate at Incubator led events if I am unvaccinated ?

A: Without prejudice its sadly looking like we will have to say no to unvaccinated performers in our confined venues and larger events and festivals if it is mandated as a govt requirements  for our events to proceed.

You can book your COVID-19 vaccination HERE

"This too shall pass"


COVID-19 Precautions on site.

The Incubator Creative Hub is committed to following the govt health requirements to keep our venues and events safe and operating.

We implementing all requirements specific to the current alert level.

Mask wearing and scanning is mandatory in our public spaces.

Social distancing is fully encouraged .