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                       Emerging Artist Exhibition
          SPONSORED                  OPPORTUNITY

The FIRST SOLO emerging Artists Series is our commitment to supporting emerging Bay of Plenty artists and facilitating opportunities for the exhibition and promotion of their work via a first solo or group show.
This will provide a unique opportunity for emerging local artists to engage with a wide audience in new and unusual ways and in a professional environment.
This will be an unprecedented initiative to mentor and support local artists and creatives promote artistic development and expand and connect the creative community.


  • Introduction and alignment with a ‘one on one’ mentor.  An established artist who can encourage advise and offer Practical and technical support while producing the body of work and the exhibition.

  • Alignment and introduction to a professional artist mentor to oversee their journey to exhibition stage.

  • The cost of the production and exhibition delivery.

  • Experienced curatorial service

  • Significant press coverage, marketing and audience building campaign.

  • Collective mentorship from the wider Incubator (Collectively they have extensive individual experiences in the industry.)

  • A highly promoted opening night event.

  • Three weeks display in the Incubator Gallery.



  • As the  Incubator practices is a do it Together ‘ philosophy we expect the participating artist to give back by contributing to opening hours  where possible and representing their exhibition on the Saturdays.