A group show at The Incubator Gallery


A call out for submissions - we are accepting applications from artists, sculptors, jewelers, makers and creators. Pitch your idea to fill a suspended 'island' with a weird and wonderful installation.

you can curate your mini exhibition and design your island platform to showcase your works or even make your whole island the installation! 




All successful applicants work will curated on a plywood island  (approx 500 - 700mm sq.)
Out of town artist can  give directions to curate their own miniature show.


The Exhibition of exhibitions opens on Friday October 4th and over the period of Tauranga's inaugural "Fringe Village" - a day of celebrating Fringe arts, performance, music and craziness, and of course the Tauranga Arts Festival.


Only 15 places available!

Artist Submission

Exhibition Title:  An Exhibition of exhibitions

Location: The Incubator Gallery

Submission Dates :  No later than the 20th September

Artwork receiving dates: 
26th,27th , 28th September The Incubator , The Historic Village Tauranga , 159 17th Avenue Tauranga 3112

The Exhibition launch:  Friday 4th October . 

We are a Do it Together organisation and we ask you share the event pages and invite your friends.   

Closes : 28th October . All works will need to be collected on the 29th and 30th October.

T & C's
​They may be NFS ( Not for sale) 

20% commission will apply on sales (+GST) 


All successful submissions will be notified and a registration will be completed 

Registration fee:  $40 (Includes GST)