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Welcome to the Historic Village cache coordinates page! What is geocaching? In short – using your mobile phone and best orienteering skills to track coordinates and find REAL LIFE TREASURE!

These caches are maintained by Phreaze Factory in Historic Village but many businesses and services within Historic Village contribute to its very cool and ever-changing contents! We will aim to always have something you can take away (usually little unique arty treasures!).

Here are some important tips before you go treasure hunting:

  • You will not find these special caches on an app yet but feel free to use your favourite geocache app to track the coordinates!

  • We will re-hide these around the village from time to time so make sure you check this page each time before you go hunting incase the coordinates have changed!

  • Please read the notes in cache - sometimes we hide something EXTRA special in there and it tells you how to use it!

  • Please choose ONE item to take away with you and leave the rest for other geocachers.

  • Please exercise stealth especially on event days in Historic Village - can be a bit of foot traffic and we don’t want anyone to see your great find!

  • When returning to its hiding place, please cover nicely to ensure it is not accidentally found by others.

  • Bring your own pen in case ours goes for a walk!

  • Caches can be hid anywhere within 10 metres of the coordinates below so make sure to have a good look around the area!

Cache 1 : A slippery surprise

S 37° 42.196 E 176° 08.921


You are looking for a container about 25cm length and 4cm depth

Find our slippery "taonga' and turn around 180 degrees. The cache is behind the metal gate within the harakeke (flax) - its okay to go behind the metal gate but please be careful when moving around the native plants.

Cache 2 : Beautiful botanicals

S 37° 42.261 E 176° 08.958


You are looking for a round container about 8cm deep and 10cm diameter​

Between a plant and a hard place! Please be careful when moving around the native plants.

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