The Historic Village strategy is being reviewed - Have your say!

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We need your help to shape the future of the Village. 

Next month the Incubator celebrates 7 years! How the Village has changed in that time!
The big news which is probably no surprise is that we have plans to continue growing to serve the community and nurture the creative sector. 

We are working on a really juicy proposition to add value to the Historic Village as a city asset with a distinctive community Arts & Culture identity. 

We all know that arts and creativity to improve our wellbeing, help us stay connected, express ourselves, be active, and keep learning so that we can live healthier lives.

Our proposal:

We visualise the Village as an absolutely amazing vibrant Arts and Culture Village and are prepared to put in the hard work to see it happen.

What we are proposing is based on a tried and tested social kaupapa of positive connection and collaboration.

Our vision is have a curated and well aligned mixture of complementary activity. Arts Galleries, music, a rich cultural representation, respecting the whenua and sharing the history, a great selection of hospitality offerings, support local boutique retail with an artisan focus, well aligned community groups, accessible interesting venues and creative education. All promoting social wellness with the values of a healthy community .

  • We don’t believe the village should be self-sustaining, it’s not a business precinct but a real asset to the city. There is currently a disparity between the Village and the other Arts facilities, sports-grounds and community spaces with the constraints of the current strategy and we believe that should change.

  • We know that it has the potential to become a community, art and culture destination, alive with vibrancy, diversity and open access to grassroots arts and culture. We want to provide a platform for social outcomes and community driven initiatives to thrive. 

  • We also propose to promote, plan and programme . Something that's missing now - a connected Village with a loud and clear presence in the City.

The Village is a low hanging fruit for our city and let’s seize this once in a lifetime opportunity!

This is our one and only chance to have a kick-ass lighthouse destination like other cities have got !

  • Let’s imagine the Village as the soul of the City

  • Let’s harvest the momentum, be radical and progressive achieve some positive stuff for our city!

  • A unique arts tourism destination within New Zealand

  • Most importantly enabled to grow and deliver local opportunities that nourish grassroots community & social well-being .  


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Once again we need your voice - your support works:

Currently Tauranga City Council is reviewing the strategic plan for the Historic Village. 
For us, this review of the village is timely as it builds a great opportunity

  • To review how the village has progressed

  • Continue the momentum of The Incubator Creative Hub

  • Transform the village into its full potential with a distinctive community Arts & Culture identity.

The TCC community development team have done a great job in improving and managing the infrastructure. Together we can enhance and support ways that ratepayer’s investment can pay off in so many ways.

Here are some inspirational community arts organisations. Click on the logos to be inspired!

We too can have a space like this in Tauranga. 

We've been working and lobbying to have the Village identity focused on the Arts for years.
We have done a lot of research, consultation, connected with and visited other similar arts spaces in other cities so we know that we have the tangible foundation to create a similar place here in Tauranga.