Individual works

  • We trying to take a step away from your popular “Street Art: to create something unique and not so time consuming.

  • We are focusing on a series of wall works that will be cut into shapes.  These will be spaced from the walls with blocks.

  • Think giant insects weta, tiki, fungi, organic shapes, birds.

  • Think layers and layering, a series of birds mounted and overlapping each other for example.

  • Think cut outs

The substrate.

12mm treated plywood that we will supply.
Once we ascertain your involvement and wall you can send us through a shape outline  for cut out.

You can arrange to cut your own shape prior if you are handy !

The Size:

  • Some pieces can be full sized sheets 1200 x 2400 .

  • Some are larger walls and will be 2 x sheets.

  • Most will be half sized sheets. (Say 1200 x 1200 as a half size)

Smaller series of works:

We will have a series of giant skateboard shapes which will be approx. 1200 by 400 – These will hang together and will be multiple artists.

 Larger works /murals

There is one wall which will be a collaborative mural. The space to paint in this will be approx. 5000 x 3000. It has mural director Sam Allen assigned to this wall.
You can also participate in this smaller activity on the day should you get time or want a break from you other piece.

Interactive mural / Child / Public friendly

This  will be a larger sized with a background design layer  available to be managed as an interactive mural.




Friday 27th November  Prepped boards  returned ready for an early set up 

Saturday 28th 

8.00 All food trucks in and setting up by 9.30am

9.00 All artists need to be onsite and painting can begin, head start for when public arrive.

10.00  The Illuminarti event officially begins for the public.

11.00 Break time (if wanted) for attending exhibition launches

11.00 The Two exhibitions open in the People’s Gallery and the Incubator Gallery

5.00 Ends. Clean up

6.00 Mood after party ! 

T’s & C’s

  • This is not a platform for politics, aggressive opinions but a neutral opportunity to illuminate the Village through positivity!  Although the issues out there right now are real please keep this expression out of the project.

  • You must be available and prepared to arrive by no later than 9 am raring to get cracking on the day.

  • You must be present on the day.

  • You can preprint and prep your substrates. Your prepped boards must be back on the Friday the 27th ready for set up Saturday by 8.30am. No access by vehicle after then.

  • You may paint with a trusted accomplice or 2.

  • Most of the artists will be working in a communal site under gazebos and shelter.

  • You can complete your work after the event.

  • Completed works must back to the Village by the 14th December.

  • The finished work remain the property of the Incubator Creative Hub and will be installed on the Village walls- These may be moved around and if the spaces are redundant be reclaimed from the Village to be used in further sites .

  • Plywood substrate supplied.

  • Paint supplied – Lumbersider test-pots and there will be larger tins of popular colours available to share and some enamel metallic pens.

  • You can contribute your own product, but it must be an outdoor quality and not subject to fading.

  • If the work is deemed offensive or contains and inflammatory content .

  • The Village Management and the Incubator reserve the right to hang the final work.

  • You will be given a brief artists agreement prior to beginning the work and all fees to artist will be paid once the final works are returned.



  • You will be sent some sites to consider – we will need your concept,  although not designs to a high level , as soon as possible to confirm your involvement.

  • There will be some paid compensation for the day that you are working on site and a juicy goody bag of cool stuff and merchandise.

  • Artists - get in touch and we will provide you a selection of Village locations and are looking forward to talking to you about your site-specific ideas!