The Art Prescriptions Programme

This concept has been  developed by the Incubator Creative Hub with support from  the ANZ  staff foundation  as a result of recent major studies surrounding art and wellbeing and also from the huge positive outcomes that we see when individuals and groups participate in creative activity.  (Happy Joyful, Inspired, Motivated, Confidence building) 

The Incubator Creative Hub is enabling access to the creative workshops knowing the benefits that participation in the arts can have on individuals and also building strong communities and society as a whole.

We have a limited number “Prescriptions” at no cost to eligible organisations to participate in an arts or music based workshop - as a group.

How this works

  • Specific groups are nominated

  • Once your organisation is nominated it will be assessed and notified if selected.

  • If criteria is met  they will be coordinated with their team leaders to attend curated workshops facilitated by the Incubator Creative Hub team.

  • We will liaise with successful nominated group to book the dates and workshops.

  • Nominations close 12th March.

  • All workshops will be conducted by June 2021

There is only a limited number of workshops so we apologise if your nominated groups misses out on this time but rest assured we want to continue this project if we can.


Who is not eligible :

  • These opportunities are not for the staff of organisations but to be made available to  the clients or members of the groups who would a great positive dose of the arts!

  • This is not a team building opportunity for organisation staff.

  • Groups outside the Tauranga /Bay of Plenty zone (At this first stage) 

  • Organisations groups funded by government funding including DHBs


  • The maximum number that can be accommodated in one session is 14.

  • The workshops can be a mix of 2 community groups at one time.

  • Each group needs to consist of a minimum of 7 people including any potential support person -(One support per group only)

  • One opportunity per organisation applies.

The ANZ Arts prescription programme is limited but we would love to see these opportunities extended further than this.

There are two options you or your business could take up to pay it forward .

  1. Your organisation can sponsor another group to attend (This can be selected by you or chosen from the nominated organisations that meet the criteria )

  2. A placement can be donated to an individual to attend a workshop or series of Artery Art learning workshops .

    What an amazing opportunity for someone that needs a break and a good dose of the arts!

Information for Donors

“That’s what art is all about: - Wellbeing. Being able to create and access art contributes not only to our individual wellbeing but is also an important factor in the wellbeing of our communities, and our society as a whole.” – Jacinda Ardern

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