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A quick update

The Incubator Creative Hub team thank you for your support. We thank you for believing in what we do and adding your positive voices to show how important access to creativity and vibrant and community spaces really does matter in our city.

Due to proposed users fees and services and sky-high overhead increases across council owned property, we currently face the uncertainty of sustainability. We risk losing our lovingly nurtured spaces in the Historic Village alongside so many other valuable Village tenants who collectively breathe life and soul into the wonderful community asset that it is.

We are fervently opposing this proposal that not only affects us but every user of sportsgrounds and community owned spaces.

We are seeking to continue the community grant support that provides the fuel to maintain the enormous momentum that has built up from a city filled with people wanting access to the creative experiences we deliver and a vibrant destination to visit. We guarantee that we deliver the best bang for buck!

We are requesting that the commissioners be bold and 'walk the walk' with their new city vision “Tauranga Together We Can” and the Inclusive cities strategy.

There needs to be some changes and change is always healthy right?

So empower our communities to lead and thrive. We seek a productive and positive partnership with the Tauranga City Council to enable us to contribute to establishing the Historic Village as a globally recognised creative, art, cultural, and community hub in Tauranga and set it free from beaurecratic roadblocks.


With the community driving us forward we can be trusted to smash out innovative ways to progress the village, always in the interest of our rate payers and our future generations, into a shining beacon of creativity and community. One of a kind in Aotearoa.


Join us to stand together and support what we have built.

Long may we continue nourishing our people through creativity and connectedness.

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