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Animato String Quartet

We are Tauranga's foremost string quartet. We perform regularly at weddings and events (with a mix of classical, show and pop music), but have also given full concert performances (classical). Recently, we featured on Tike Taane's song "No Place Like Home". 


Bay of Plenty Symphonia

Community amateur orchestra 


Tauranga Based

Bay of Plenty Symphonia is a community orchestra made up of amateur musicians of all ages from Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty. We perform 4 concerts each year including one directed particularly at young players or audiences. We rehearse weekly on Thursday evenings.

We are always delighted to hear from players who might like to join our orchestra, especially strings and brass players! Check here for upcoming concerts 

Marg Harper

Margaret's extensive HARP repertoire includes music for every occasion, be it an intimate wedding or a large corporate function - Classical, Celtic, Latin, Jazz standards, love songs, film themes, Contemporary and specially arranged requests.
Her unique VOICE has a sophisticated deep warmth which has been likened to chocolate! From smooth standards, Latin and Blues to soulful love songs in French and Spanish. Margaret accompanies her voice with elegant fingerstyle GUITAR or PIANO and also plays a selection of instrumental solos.

Listen here

Justus Rozemond

I am a professional classical musician, with degrees from the New Zealand School of Music. I play the clarinet/bass-clarinet professionally (e.g. in Opus Orchestra) and violin/viola semi-professionally (e.g. in Animato String Quartet), as well as some other instruments. I am also the conductor and Music Director of the two symphony orchestras in the region (the Bay of Plenty Symphonia for adults, and the Youth Philharmonic Tauranga for kids).

Youth Philharmonic Tauranga

Tauranga's youth orchestra.

After being without a youth orchestra for two decades, Tauranga saw the birth of the Youth Philharmonic Tauranga during a symphonic workshop in October 2016.

The Music Director and main conductor is Justus Rozemond, who also conducts the Bay of Plenty Symphonia

Information for new players

The YPT holds weekly rehearsals on Wednesday evening (7-9pm at the Historic Village). Note that rehearsal attendance is compulsory (but there are no rehearsals during school holidays). If you are interested in playing with us, do make sure to contact us..

The presence of a youth orchestra in town is vital for the artistic health of Tauranga, so please support us in any way you can!

Craig McFarlane

Upright String Double Bass

​Member of Bay of Plenty Symphonia

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