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Teamwork makes this happen

The Mothership Management Team

Simone Anderson
Incubator Creative Hub Director
Wendy Pedersen
Art Education & People's Gallery Coordinator
Tanya Trass
Administrative Manager
Craig Jamieson
Jam Factory Coordinator
Ayesha Kee
Business & relationship Coordinator & Māori Liaison
Kalena Egan
Okorore Project Coordinator
Bobbi Summers
Social Media & Marketing.
The Test Tube Team Leader.
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Board of Trustees

Ken White
Phil Hayhoe
Nick Pharo
Kathy Wilson
Kelly Greer
Vice Chair & Treasurer
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The Incubator's Committed Team
Meet the machine-team who are behind our events,projects and exhibitions.

Kalena Egan- Resident Artist & Team
Nicci Baxter-Team member
Nick Eggleston - Resident Artist & Team member
Nik Williams Team member
Nic Clegg - Team member
Carol- Bisset - Team member
John Baxter - Team member
Elizabeth & Junus Haider- Team
Kerry Funnell -Team member
Nigel Gregory Team member
Lynette Fisher - Team member
Rachel Pratt - Team Member
Aroha Kapi - Resident artist & Team
Bobbi Summers - Resident Artist
Sandi Cutts- Team member
Craig Jamieson - Team member
Amanda Girvan - Team member
Dave Dytor - Team member
Marilyn Muirhead - Team Member
Polly Moore -Team member
Cat Thompson - Team member
Jackie Knotts - Team member
Stella Clark - Team member
Clare Birch
Wendy Pedersen - Team member
Tanya Trass -Team member
Simone Anderson - Team member
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The Jam Factory Team  
Meet the extraordinary people who make music happen. 

Michael Baxter- Team member
Craig Jamieson - Team member
John Baxter -Team member
Ruth Woodbine - Team member
Nicci Baxter-Team member
Corinne Rutherford - Team member
Tristan Hancock - Team memberr
John Wilson- Team member
Simon Owens -Team member
Glen Fitzjohn- Team member
Benjamin Cowman - Team member
Liz Hunter - Team Member
Nigel Gregory - Team member
Nic Clegg Team member
Nick Eggleston - Team member
Wes Parish -Team member
Tanya Trass -Team member
Lynette Fisher - Team member
Simone Anderson- Team member
Wendy Pedersen - Team member
Shelley Sellars - Team Member
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Acknowledging Lisa Meehan
Lisa Meehan - Co-Founder of The Incubator (June 2013- July 2015)

Lisa was vital in getting the Incubator to its current position as a well-respected community arts organisation and served as treasurer and secretary on the Board of Trustees for the first two years.

Lisa was involved in event planning and management, development of community partnerships and programs and curating exhibitions.

Exhibited artist and Art Therapy Practitioner, Co-founder of Te Pani Trust in Christchurch (2001) Development and management of cafe and gallery space. Development and delivery of Art therapy workshops.

Lisa is a sculptor/carver of wood and stone, with over 20 years’ experience.


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The Historic Village, 17th Avenue,

Tauranga South, 3112, New Zealand.

Open 10am-4pm Weekdays

and Saturdays during exhibitions.

Polly Moore -Team member