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Artist call out

Patched up is an exhibition encouraging the fusion of painting, textile, installation to create your 'patch' or jacket insignia.

We advise you to stitch/paint/applique (or a mixture of all) onto a firm textile substrate such as a piece of firm canvas or denim.

We encourage you to think out of the box and imagine your 'patch' stitched or fastened to the back of a denim jacket, leather jacket, or even your Grandad's dressing gown!


You may use safety pins, wire, lace, leather, strapping, harakeke, foliage, etc.

This can be a collab project !

Terms and Conditions: 

  • Please register no later than 2nd January 2022.  

  • Delivery of works: Anytime up until 23rd December 2021

  • Also from 3rd to the 5th Jan 2022 (Deliver to the People's Gallery).

  • Exhibition opens the public on Friday 7th Jan 9am 

  • There is no official launch of this exhibition as it will be our feature exhibition during the Tauranga Fringe Festival.

  • Exhibition runs until Wed 19th January.

  • Your entry will not be accepted without full payment of your entry fee - $20 per art piece. 

  • 20% commission on all sales. 

  • Stage 1 Complete your online registration form first

  • Stage 2 After completing your online entry click on the payment button to prepay your registration.

  • A 'ticket' will be sent you via email as proof of your entry fee. 

  • Pick up of unsold work will be from Thursday the 20th of January.

  • We encourage artists to volunteer to be on roster during the exhibition to interact with your buying public. 

Patched up jacket.png

Artwork Criteria:

  • The Artwork MUST include some textile elements.

  • We recommend the work is based on a size that would be compatible with fixing to the back of a jacket.

  • (APPROX 300 x 350)

  • We recommend rounded edges to give good continuity for the exhibtion curation.

  • Works do not have to be for sale.

  • TWO  Artworks per artist 

  • Every art piece must have a swing tag attached with artist name and price of work