The Incubator Creative Hub is a thriving Arts Precinct within the Historic Village Tauranga.


About the Incubator
A collective supportive environment, and platform for exhibitions and performances of independent art, music, and theatre.
The Incubator works on a D.I.T philosophy (Do It Together) This applies to anyone using the spaces - We are big on collaboration!
We are a charitable trust – a not for profit organisation. We have a huge volunteer army and the studio contributions go towards the overheads of our facilities.

Our vision is to showcase and celebrate the working life of an artist therefore being part of an attraction for visitors to the Village to see and interact with .
It delivers a fresh approach around artists in their studios/artist residencies and offers an authentic pathway for business creatives to follow in the next step in their creative careers.
A visit to the Incubator Creative Hub will find the studio spaces full and humming with resident artists working and is open to every and all art forms - fine art, design, fashion, sculpture, writing, poetry, composing, pottery, crafts etc.
The Incubator offers this unique opportunity to connect artists with their audience contributing to a wider arts movement.
This means minimal financial risk and ensures all participants have skin in the game.

Residents by default are part of a progressive and positive arts movement and willingly contribute to collaborations and Community outcomes and cross-pollinating with each other.

Residency details:
There are studio spaces within four buildings, lending it perfectly for collaboration between residents and the community.
Residencies can be applied for and tailored to the residents themselves, depending on their distinct practice.

Residencies are applied for and accepted on a case by case basis at The Incubator’s discretion.

Kaupapa :
Our artists are part of a wider arts movement with a shared vision to enrich our city and village with creativity and positive attitudes.
Artists in the studios residencies are committed to contributing to energy exchange with community.
This can include interactive activities ,engagement with youth ,mentoring others, working together on participatory arts activities, collaborating and supporting each other. We have a ‘Do it Together’ philosophy. Artists are required to participate in and/or develop an/or deliver at least one collaborative event/project per year – This can be in collaboration with a fellow resident artist or team . Artists in residence must be willing to deliver voluntarily to at least one community event where your skills and knowledge can contribute to great community inclusion and outcomes. Artists must be willing to support other artists, including attending exhibition launches, helping out with events such as arts projects and music performances to support local artists.