Simone Anderson

Wendy Pedersen

Wendy creates both hand built ceramic and mixed media sculptures. Working with recycled materials and textiles her works are often a mixture of whimsical delight and a comment on the idiosyncrasy of the human condition.   Painting primarily in acrylic her mixed media acrylic paintings use strong lines and texture.  With her potent, dramatic, use of colour her work is both bold and joyful.  

Quals: Diploma in Fine Art – Bay of Plenty Polytechnic 2011


Artists Statement: I am constantly struggling to re- evaluate my own assumptions. For me, each art work is an experiment in technique and medium. I am seduced by texture, contour and line.  I have an enormous appetite for exploration. Any new medium I come across, I am driven to explore. It seems I am always travelling down a new road – I usually get lost, but sometimes during the journey back a work of art emerges and along the way, I have learnt more about my craft.


Bethlehem Pottery Club Exhibition -Tauranga 2000 and 2002

Wearable Creations n Colour Awards Art Exhibition - Rotorua 2009

Te Puna Quarry Funky Junk Day – Tauranga 2010 and 2011

New Zealand Garden Art Festival Wearable Art - Tauranga 2010 ,2012

Laundromat Art Project Space Gallery - Tauranga 2010

Bethlehem College Art Exhibition, Tauranga 2010 and 2014

The Pod Exhibition - Hamilton 2011

New Zealand Potters 53rd National Exhibition – Whitianga 2012

IlluminArt Installation - Tauranga 2013 and 2014

Antimatter Exhibition – Tauranga 2013

Incubator First Birthday Exhibition – Tauranga 2014

Again Exhibition – Rotorua Arts Village 2014

Stella Clark

Stella Clark is  known for her large expressive acrylic paintings.She loads on colour, texture & gestural line in an original way to  create invigorating seascapes  & abstract works.

 Initially creating small works via a graphic and illustration background now she  enjoys large scale work on canvas or wood that portray coastal and inland beauty.

These works are drawing from and engaging with memory as well as what she sees in front of her- there is no full reliance on the photograph or on site observation.

 Starting with freestyle oil stick drawings then building up layer upon

layer of acrylic inks and pouring mediums these works can take months to develop and complete.

 Inspired by the fantastic talent of local and international artists and also being hugely supported by 

The Incubator, The Omokoroa Artists Group, and Macandmor Gallery she is working to  develop her professional practice. 

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Nick Eggleston

Based at the Incubator in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, I'm maximising on the beauty of the coastline and wildlife in the local landscape to produce vibrant, illustrative styled paintings using a combination of watercolour and gouache. (However, I do occasionally go off at tangents and paint something strange). A professional painter and art tutor for over twenty years I studied art and ceramics at both Hull and Chesterfield Colleges of Art and Design in the UK and have exhibited in several New Zealand galleries including Tauranga, Auckland, Wellington, Whangamata and Ohopi as well as in the UK and The Channel Islands. 

Working with watercolour allows me to experience the suprises you get when wet pigment meets wet paper... You can never fully control the results when this happens. It becomes more of a collaboration between the artist, the medium and a third element that is elusive and less tangible. Elemental, almost. Use of gouache in the later stages means I can add the finer details needed to create a convincing level of realism. 

Kristian Lomath

In the early 1990s Kris studied art at Ilam School of Fine Arts, but stopped painting to work as caregiver, life coach and farmhand. In 2000 while working on the farm, he picked up the paintbrush again, depicting the land he saw in front of him. A full time artist for the last 16 years, Kris’s work developed from landscapes portraying the land he saw in front of him to the more abstract paintings he creates today. In 2006 an art grant allowed Kris to travel the country and show his work. From 2007 to 2013 Kris ran a community gallery in Rotorua, supporting people in the community to develop and exhibit their art.

In 2013 he transferred to Tauranga and The Incubator. He enjoys the cooperation and mutual support of this creative group of artists of all media.

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Carol Bisset

A Sculptor and Installation artist based in Tauranga, Carol’s work frequently calls upon intensified emotional and physical records of past encounters with people and places. Her use of ephemeral, ‘found objects’ and low tech materials with their associated histories creates a series of curiously subtle and elusive transformations.

Some of her most noted exhibitions have been held at Span Gallery, Melbourne Circle Gallery Brisbane, Centre of Contemporary Arts, Christchurch, Auckland University of Technology and Art Station Auckland.. Her work was selected to be part of the annual 15 Artists exhibition at Redcliffe City Art Gallery, Qld, in 2011.

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Simone Anderson

"Flushing out thoughts and translating them visually is what I do. I convert a series of ideas and suggestions that have come to me by osmosis (I am a semipermeable membrane) into two dimensional objects.

Simone Anderson’s work focuses on the Allegory. She establishes incongruous allegiances between unlikely objects, juxtaposing anatomy with bird parts, skulls with birds. While the skulls inject macabre details, the birds signify life and beauty.

Simone is particularly fascinated with the study of anatomy which impacts the content of many of her works. She references historical sources such as medical engravings and illustrations.

Her interpretations are candid and quirky and confront the viewer in a way that can be found refreshing or distasteful.

Simone employs a miscellany of media, all experiments of style and technique. The combination of layers and bristly texture create tactile three dimensional images.

“My work is not about a two dimensional object to be viewed politely, but a series of ideas and suggestions. The viewer can process it and get from it what they will. To create ideas and associations between the objects is as much the responsibility of the artist as the viewer.” –Simone Anderson

After 20 years working in galleries in New Zealand, USA, South Africa and London, An artist when the busy job of Incubatro Director allows.

For a full bio and information about past exhibitions see the website

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