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Schools Calendar

The Incubator Creative Hub welcomes visits from kōhanga reo, kindergartens, school holiday programmes, iwi, youth support programmes, schools and kura from year 1- 13. 

We also welcome kōrero and ideas around collaborative projects that encourage engagement of Tamariki and Rangatahi in creative activity. Visiting art places exposes children to a diverse range of artistic experiences, promotes creativity, cultural awareness, cognitive development, emotional expression, and provides a platform for self-discovery and personal growth.

A visit to The Incubator Creative Hub can offer an 'away from school' experience that includes a basic level, interactive artwork, visits to our exhibitions in the galleries and an opportunity to engage in the community spaces and creative activities we have around the Historic Village.

We have 3 packages available. All packages are self-directed and do include the time spent engaging in the other Village activities. 

Packages available:

  1. Create village-centric stamps or linocuts to use in the printing press

  2. Discover interesting textures around village - texture rubbings with crayon resist + dye

  3. Collage or book making with creative finds from around the Village


All packages are presented and packaged as a homemade artwork for the children to take home.

Programmes can be designed depending on the budget allocation and/or current curriculum topics. We also have a safe and fun environment for children and youth to explore other attractions within the village including indoor and outside spaces, bush walks, feed the tuna (eels), or even just enjoy a packed lunch in the village. We can also facilitate visits to village attractions such as the Village Radio & Museum, The Gem and Mineral Shop & Museum.

 *Packages are self-directed and ratios of parents and teachers to the visiting children/youth must be managed by the schools/organisations.


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