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The Incubator Creative Hub welcomes visits from kōhanga reo, kindergartens, school holiday programmes, schools and kura from year 1- 13. 

We also welcome kōrero and ideas around collaborative projects that encouragement engagement of Tamariki and Rangatahi in creative activity.


Visiting art places exposes children to a diverse range of artistic experiences, promotes creativity, cultural awareness, cognitive development, emotional expression, and provides a platform for self-discovery and personal growth.

A visit to the Village and the Incubator Creative Hub can offer an away from school experience that includes visits to exhibitions in our galleries, cinema screenings, an opportunity to engage in interactive arts activities and workshops. 

Explore other attractions within the village including indoor and outside spaces, bush walks, feed the tuna (eels), or even just enjoy a packed lunch in the village.

Basic level activities

A scavenger hunt, quiz questionnaires related to the current exhibitions and a sheltered space - Your HQ for the day to store bags and enjoy packed lunch and facilities for teachers /caregivers to have a tea or coffee break.

Artist talks to students.
*These do not provide staff/tutor time from our team and must be supervised by the visiting organisation.


Creative Workshop programme:

Our team can arrange tutored ‘Round Robin’ type activities depending on numbers, budget, and ages.
Can be related to the current exhibitions.


Examples of activities are:

  • Harakeke weaving

  • Clay activities

  • Sewing activities

  • Rock painting

  • Crafts using textiles and natural materials.

  • Drumming groups

  • Cinema viewings, of films or documentaries.  (up to 60 seats)

  • Inspirational Artist talks to students. 

Programmes can be designed depending on the budget allocation and/or current curriculum topics.

We can also facilitate visits to village attractions such as the Village Radio & Museum, The Gem and Mineral Shop & Museum.

The Creative Campus Facilities

  • The Red Room - Pottery, Ceramics & Printmaking Hub, with a big, beautiful workshop table, comfortably seating up to 14. Includes printing press and 6 pottery wheels.

  • The Blue Room - A Super spacious workroom able to host 30+ people for a multitude of creative activities from painting to seminars.

  • Social Fabric Sewing and Textile Hub - 10 domestic machines, 2 overlockers, a textile library and sewing supplies.

  • The Kawakawa Room - Beautifully sunny patio workspace for that more outdoorsy feel in a workshop space.

  • The Board Room - Cosy, colourful and sunny meeting space with table and chairs for eight.

  • The Garden of Earthly Delights - A large outdoor space for picnics, spreading out, outdoor workshops, spaces for live music and undercover seating.


​Our Other workshops Facilities

The Village Community Cinema
Visit our cinema page here to see what's it about 

The Jam Factory Music Space 
Visit our Jam Factory page here to see what's it about 

Whare Toi o te Moana

Whakairo Carving Hub 

We have 5 galleries including:

  • The Incubator Gallery- Monthly Exhibitions nurturing established and up and coming artists’ work.

  • The People’s Gallery – Toi ka rere – Showcases Group exhibitions including college exhibitions of students work.

  • Okorore Ngā Toi Māori - Toi Māori Gallery and art studios.

  • The Artist Window Gallery - Retail Gallery with local artist work

  • The Pothouse Gallery – Ceramic exhibition gallery


*Ratios of parents and teachers to the visiting children/youth must be managed by the schools.

Why it’s great for tamariki (children) and rangatahi (youth) to visiting us?

Foster Creativity and Imagination:

Our galleries, and exhibitions, artists’ studios, cinema, music hub expose children to a wide range of artistic expressions, styles, careers, and creative communities.

Observing artwork stimulates creative thinking and imagination.

They can see different perspectives, explore new ideas, and develop their own unique artistic visions.


Cultural Awareness:

Art spaces showcase artworks from different cultures and children can gain a deeper understanding of various cultures, traditions, topical events, social issues and seasonal events. It broadens their horizons, promotes tolerance, and fosters appreciation for diversity.


Cognitive Development:

Engaging with art can enhance cognitive abilities in children. It encourages them to think critically, analyse visual information, and make connections between different elements in a piece of art. These activities strengthen their observation skills, attention to detail, and overall cognitive development.


Emotional Expression and Empathy:
Art has the power to evoke emotions and allows children to express themselves in non-verbal ways. By experiencing various art forms, kids can explore and understand their own emotions better. Additionally, art often portrays human experiences and emotions, which helps children develop empathy and an understanding of others' perspectives.


Fine Motor Skills and Coordination:
Participating in art activities, such as painting, sculpting, or drawing, helps children refine their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These skills are crucial for various tasks, including writing, playing musical instruments, and engaging in sports.


Self-Confidence and Self-Expression:
Art provides an outlet for self-expression, enabling children to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences visually. Through art, kids can build self-confidence as they discover their unique creative abilities and express themselves without fear of judgment.


Appreciation for Beauty:
Art introduces children to the concept of aesthetics and beauty. It teaches them to appreciate the beauty found in different forms, whether it's a painting, sculpture, architecture, or design. This appreciation can extend beyond art and enhance their perception of the world around them.

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