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2021 Tauranga Fringe Festival

Brought to you by the Incubator Creative Hub.

A manifestation of creativity!


Tauranga Fringe is a one day  extravaganza festival.
We welcome all artists and all art forms - especially those outside the mainstream. A celebration of inclusivity, otherness and artistic adventure, Fringe is about handing the microphone to our artistic community and creating a platform for our arts sector to connect with audience and spectators.
This festival is open access to performers to be part of .

Only a tenner gate charge for audience for a whole day of events, music and markets .

The vision for this year’s Tauranga Fringe is a one-day spectacular, full of strange creativity, alternative art practices, the bizarre, the beautiful, the disruptive, the extreme and the provocative, and above all stimulating sensationalism.


Tauranga Fringe  is the perfect place to take a risk in a safe environment, try something new, explore that new idea that has been brewing, take the artistic leap into the unknown and share your ideas with a hungry and fearless audience.

  • Installations

  • Dancers

  • Magicians

  • Buskers
  • Poets

  • Zine makers

  • Writers

  • Actors

  • Flashmobbers

  • Dance troupes 

  • Collectives

  • Visual artists

  • Musicians

  • Theatre acts

  • Cosplay artists

  • Playwrights

  • Steam-punkers

  • Frolickers

  • Disruptive artists

  • Beat poet

  • Players of games

  • Dark cabaret


We're here to help!

If you have any questions or need advice and feedback email us on info@theincubator.co.nz

We’re calling on YOU to join our collective of passionate practitioners, and the hard-working imaginative crew, as we put together this vibrant day that celebrates alternative and outsider art - suitable for experiences of all ages including families.

Tauranga Fringe 2021 in a nutshell...


  • Something that ANYONE can be part of!

  • Covers every art form you can possibly think of.

  • The Incubator team is here to help if needed.

  • Its all happening on Saturday 23rd October at The Historic Village, Tauranga. 

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Be a part of the one of a kind Tauranga Fringe Festival!

Get on the radar and feel the love from our massive audience of art lovers in the Bay - give them an experience they will never forget! 

Heaps of opportunities for collaboration and networking.

All the support and up-skilling opportunities you need - this includes producing workshops and resources during the Fringe prep period, and an open-door support policy with us from registrations through to show time.

And you'll be promoted within our marketing and publicity campaign - the reach will be massive!

For the 2021 Festival, this includes:
- An Incubator Creative Hub website listing for your show/event,
- Spotlight inclusion in at least one email newsletter,
- Spotlight inclusion in as many social media posts as we can get you in,
- Being part of the umbrella marketing and publicity campaigns for the festival.

Why should I submit?

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