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Creative Campus Agreement

Health, Safety & Use of Space

  • There is to be no smoking, use of incense, candles, or any other items that might pose a fire risk. Silversmith's, and anyone else using heat or producing vapour, need to discuss their set up prior to making their submission. Otherwise, they risk breaching The Creative Community Campus Agreement and/or setting the alarms off.

  • No toxic, harmful chemicals other than paints may be used at any time.

  • Nothing is to be driven in any way into ceilings, walls, or floors.

  • Extension cords and power boards are available - If you require these please organise this prior to your workshop.

  • Any electrical appliances brought into the venue must have a relevant test and tag.

  • Water based products ONLY are to be disposed of in the SHUB in your booked space. NO OIL BASED PRODUCTS OR SOLVENTS TO BE DISPOSED OF ON OUR PREMISE.

  • If you use the kitchen in your booked space, please leave it clean, wash and put away any dishes you use and use for food and drinks ONLY.

  • Cleaning equipment, rags, tea towels and hand towels are in the main kitchen under the sink. Rubbish bags are in the kitchen of your booked space, please use the bins provided (with a bin liner inside). Any large amounts of rubbish MUST be taken away with you or smaller amounts can be disposed of correctly in the council bins between the Creative Campus and the Barn.

  • PLEASE WIPE THE TABLETOP AND ALL BENCH TOPS AFTER EVERY CLASS. Mops and brooms are available in the wet room of the Red Room, as well as in the cupboard of the main kitchen. If your attendees require an apron these are on the hooks in the Kawakawa Room.

  • If you're a pottery tutor, the disposal process for clay will be explained in your induction and prior to your event.

  • Please double check all windows and doors are locked and bolted where necessary. On the way out, double check the departure list and photos of the original layout of the room.

  • There is parking available outside the Historic Village on 17th Ave.  You can discuss the possibility of parking inside the Village with The Incubator Team prior to your workshop.

  • If you wish to enter The Creative Community Campus outside of your booked hours to deliver materials and supplies, you MUST arrange this with Incubator staff and under no circumstances disturb other bookings.

  • Please remember that these are shared community spaces, please be both respectful and tolerant of potential workshops in neighboring spaces.

  • Any loss or damage to The Incubator property, furniture, fittings, fixtures, appliances, and apparatus in or about the said premises will be charged.

  • Please only use the equipment or resources within your booked space unless an arrangement has been made with staff prior to booking.

  • It is the responsibility of the booker and/or inductee to ensure all of their participants, and any other parties using the venue under their booking, are informed of all the relevant health and safety information as well of any hazards listed in the submission form. Once they have been informed, they MUST sign the register stating so. Please ensure you are fully inducted prior to your workshop, if you need a refresher please get in touch to arrange a time.

  • Fill out the “Incident or Near Miss Form” clipboard if any incidents or near misses occur. In an emergency, call 111. If a serious incident occurs and assistance is needed, please refer to your induction information for staff emergency contact or The Incubator office.

On hearing the fire alarm:

  • On hearing the fire alarm, check all of the spaces, ensure all your participants are accounted for and lead them to the assembly point - on the grass in the park next to Detour Theatre. 

Discovering a fire or alerting an emergency:

  • Persons discovering an emergency for which the buildings should be evacuated should call 111 and break the glass to the emergency alarm and activate it.

  • Do not attempt to to put out the fire. 

  • If there is a fire or emergency in the building, please call 111 first, then alert the Village and member of the Incubator staff immediately by telephone.

Terms & Conditions


The tutor or person responsible for the booking, will be inducted in person, but will also be emailed a copy of the Induction List and Campus Agreement to familiarise themselves with. After which they will need to sign the “Induction Registrar Form” on the clipboard hanging at the front door of the Creative Campus.

The Incubator Creative Hub are not responsible for any damage to or loss of any property that you bring or store on the premises. We recommend you take adequate insurance to cover your property loss or damage.

Cancellation Fee:

  • Cancellation fee is covered by your non-refundable $25 deposit, which contributes to the promo/admin costs and our loss of income.

  • Venue only cancellations made less than 48 hours before their booked time slot will require the person responsible for the booking, to pay their full venue hire fee.

  • Workshop cancellations made less than 24 hours before their workshop is due to begin, will require the tutor to pay their full venue and promo fee.

  • Workshop cancellations must be made directly, by phone, to either the Workshop Coordinator or an Incubator staff member so that they can then alert participants with plenty of notice before the workshop is set to begin.

Cleaning fee:

  • There will be a $50 fee charged for cleaning services if the space is not left in a suitable condition. This is a community, not a commercial space and we do not have funds to pay commercial cleaners. Please check the images of your space to ensure it is left the way it was.

General Agreement:​​

  • Tutors and bookers are expected to be familiar with the Campus Agreement, its Terms and Conditions, as well as their hired space.

  • If allowances, or specific arrangements have been made that differ from the Campus Agreement, this will be noted in individual submissions/bookings. These arrangements are only applied to that specific booking and are not to be seen as an ongoing agreement.

  • Failure to comply with any and all of these Terms and Conditions will jeopardise the tutor's or booker's ability to submit and/or host host in The Creative Community Campus or with The Incubator Creative Hub.

Workshop Submissions Only:

  • Tutors must be ready to go in plenty of time before the workshop is set to start. If participants are left waiting or the workshop is not delivered as advertised, then participants may need to be refunded.

  • By accepting these terms and conditions and making their non-refundable deposit, the tutor is acknowledging that they are purchasing a promotional and admin package from which their workshop(s) and artist profile will benefit, regardless of whether or not their workshop goes ahead. 

  • The tutor is also accepting that this is a collaborative effort in which they will also employ their own promotional strategy, alongside The Incubator’s, in lead up to the  workshop. The Incubator is not responsible for lack of bookings.

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