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We are on a mission to develop the Village as an Arts Precinct, where the Blacksmith Studios is one of many. We visualise it humming with resident creatives with the outcome of their mahi throughout the gallery spaces. We also strive to elevate the creative industry within the BOP.

The Blacksmith Studios are developed as professional open working studios.

The opportunity also means minimal financial risk for the creatives but an in-kind contribution back into the Creative Hub and our kaupapa.


The Incubator offers this unique opportunity to connect artists with their audience contributing to a wider arts movement and in turn we ask our residents to have skin in the game. The residents by default are part of this progressive and positive arts movement and willingly contribute to collaborations and Community outcomes and crosspollinating with each other.

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Our Resident Artists


Tymothy Clark

Tauranga born, Texan raised musician focused on helping others record & produce their own music. Tymothy is 28 years old, passionate, goal-driven, kind, caring, adventurous, creative and a lover of life. He has relocated back to New Zealand after growing up in the United States for 15+ years.


Tymothy is looking to start producing/recording local bands + artists and open up a not-for-profit studio. With a focus on inspiring people to create beautiful music, Tymothy is passionate, positive and a lover of life!


New Zealand Friendship Society

The NZ China Friendship Society boasts 70 years of rich history in bridging communities between China and New Zealand. Our Tauranga branch serves as a hub for an assortment of Chinese cultural activities and community initiatives, with a strong committee of dedicated team members. Our roots run deep in Tauranga Moana, where we have solidified strong connections with local organizations and community leaders. We take great pride in representing a diverse array of Chinese artists within our community. Every year we have successfully organized Chinese art exhibitions, bringing the essence of Chinese art and culture to the forefront in New Zealand. Our efforts extend beyond art shows; we host a variety of events and cultural exchange activities throughout the year.


Our initiatives have been instrumental in highlighting the cultural diversity of Tauranga and enriching the local community through the lens of Chinese culture. Our portfolio showcases a multitude of high-quality events that have consistently drawn praise for their depth, diversity, and execution. We believe that our commitment to delivering unique cultural experiences makes us an ideal candidate for operating a shop in the incubator, where we plan to continue promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

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