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To celebrate, nurture and incubate Toi Māori and indigenous practitioners

The Incubator Creative Hub welcomes you to the very first professionally curated Toi Māori  & indigenous artist studios and artist exchange programme and contemporary Whare Taonga Gallery space in Tauranga Moana. 

Our Vision: 

To celebrate, nurture and incubate Toi Māori and indigenous practitioners. 
To establish a meaningful and collaborative indigenous artists exchange programme. 
To deliver an authentic Whare taonga for the display and sale of high quality artisan product.
To fill a gap in Tauranga Moana to make Toi Māori practices accessible to public. 
To create opportunities to mentor and educate rangatahi delivering specialised learning workshops. 
To employ art and creative activity as a means of storytelling and connecting. 
Collaborations between international indigenous artists to create work generates opportunities to exchange ideas, artistic techniques and cultural practices. 

In 2024, Okorore Nga Toi Maori implemented notable changes to its kaupapa, transforming the respected institution into a dynamic workspace for professional Māori artists and a leading gallery for toi Māori. This reorganization will inaugurate an annual exhibition schedule comprising of six top-tier exhibitions, strategically aligned with Incubator Incubator's monthly events. The committed team, featuring the exceptional kaitiaki and resident artist Hayley Smith, will continue to extend their support to artists. Their responsibilities include aiding artists in presenting their work in a professionally curated environment while concurrently providing visibility to audiences and avenues for artistic collaborations.

The Incubator Creative Hub acknowledges the Tauranga Heritage Collection and TCC

for the use of this whare to celebrate arts and culture.

Our team

IMG_20221021_110419 (1).jpg

Hayley Smith

Kaitiaki - Okorore Ngā Toi Māori

Kia Ora Koutou
Ko Mauao Te Maunga , Ko Tauranga te Moana 
Ko Ngai Te Rangi , Ngati Ranginui nga Iwi 
Ko Ngati Hangarau, Te Whanau a Ruataupare oku hapu
Ko Hayley Smith ahau.

He uri ahau no te Whare nei  - Okorore ; "House of Lords".
Whakapapa to both Joseph Te Kira - te Mataamua , and Kiritoha - te Potiki of Okorore ; Faulkner House.

We are wanting to support and tautoko our amazing Ringatoi and Pakihi Māori here in Tauranga Moana by highlighting and representing our own people, places, and taonga made locally. Hayley wants to work closely with our community across a broad range of kaupapa, supporting our ringatoi with pop up exhibitions, retail store with mahi toi and Taonga Tuku Iho. It is also Hayley's aim to research whakapapa and korero about the many uri and descendants from this space.

Ensuring our Iwi and Local Māori Government agencies have Procurement Strategies that support our local business networks is on the agenda particularly for our Pakihi Māori and whanau wanting to or already making moves in this arena.

Nau mai haere mai e te whanaunga!

Okorore Collage

Past studio artists

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