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Our spaces

Under The Incubator umbrella, we have 16 spaces that are ‘incubated’ by us! Throughout the Historic Village, you will find spaces ranging from ceramic studios to music venues, vintage cinema to retail galleries. These spaces house a range of different artists and we host many events and projects throughout the year to get the community involved. Our spaces are run by the artists and for the artists.
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1. The Incubator Mothership HQ

- Gallery and Artist/designer working studios

2. Okorore - Nga Toi Maori

- Whare Toanga Gallery and Studios

3. Jam Factory

- Music venue

4. The People's Gallery - Toi ka rere

Community Arts Gallery

5. The Purple Lab Studios

- Phreaze Factory

6. Satellite Studios

- Artist/designer working studios

7. The Pot House

- Ceramics gallery and studios

8. Villa Studios

- Artist/designer working studios

9. Brook Street Studios

- Musician/designer working studios

10. The Artist Window Gallery 

- Collective retail gallery

11. The Village Community Cinema 

- Community picture theatre

12. The Blacksmiths studio

- Musician studio/cultural hub 

13. Te Whare Toi o Te Moana

- Native Designz Whakairo/carving hub

14. Creative Community Campus

- Art education centre

15. The Light Lab

- Community photography studio

16. Imprint Gallery

- Gallery and artist working studio

Our Resident Artists

We host an evolving group of resident artists and they are the epicentre of the creative magic that happens at The Incubator Creative Hub. We provide a home away from home, in the form of a creative studio and access to all resources we host. The programme is primarily for us to support upcoming grassroot artists and 'incubate' them to the final level of independence. We currently host 24 resident artists in The Incubator.
Our spaces
Our artists

Accessibility and inclusivity

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We take pride in our warm, welcoming culture here at The Incubator and we want everyone to feel supported when visiting our spaces. The streets are wide, our spaces all have ramp access, and the Historic Village have a baby changing table, one disability toilet and we have an allocated disability carpark. As an organisation that operates with such diverse areas of society and with many different types of people, we hope to help support everyone equally when it comes to accessing our spaces.


Unfortunately, not all of our spaces are accessible but please know that we are actively working with the Tauranga City Council (our landlords) to develop and improve these areas where it lacks. The Incubator does have an accessibility coordinator, Melanie who is happy to support you with any further details. Please get in contact with her directly if you have any special requests or queries by emailing

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