A small selection of the projects we have undertaken


Tauranga Fringe 2022

A one-day spectacular, full of strange creativity, alternative art practices, the bizarre, the beautiful, the disruptive, the extreme, the provocative, and above all stimulating sensationalism.



​The Incubator Creative Hub & our team at Okorore Ngā Toi Māori are committed to bringing a diverse array of Toi Māori Arts events to the Tauranga Moana Community. 


This is Us – He Waka Eke Noa

Tauranga is a city made up of a diverse cultural communities. To celebrate and recognise these communities Rotary Sunrise, in collaboration with The Incubator, created ‘This is Us – he waka eke noa’  using art as a universal language that can help bring people together. 'This is Us - he waka eke noa' was launched in June 2020, during Matariki. 


Mānawatia Takatāpui/Defending Plurality : Cross Together

A collaborative street painting by Paul Darragh and Shannon Novak. Placed in a prominent position in front of The Incubator Creative Hub’s main gallery, the work boldly asserts the vibrancy of the LGBTQI+ community within the Historical Village.

cover image only.jpg

Grim Tales

13 Survivors of domestic violence, 13 local Artists, and 13 Writers each formed a trio to create folk-lore style illustrated experiences.

The stories are gritty, powerful, and real.



The Illuminarti project infiltrated the Village to ‘Illuminate’ spaces on a day where a cabal of artists and audience became one. 

An antithesis to the mind-numbing negative conspiracy theories, politics, and mass hysteria.


Because, in the seemingly dark times, we need illumination through the arts!


Hillier Centre Revitalisation

We were commissioned by the Hillier Centre, a non-profitable organisation/community centre in Arataki, to engage a series of local artists to create bright vibrant works that would grace the tired and worn out corridors and foyer of this well utalised old building.


Tauranga Sexual Health Clinic Art Bomb.

We used art as a language to break down barriers about the stigma of sexual health issues. Taking a sterile and hospital-like space, we used graffiti and street art styled murals to communicate important, emotional, and sexual health messages through interactive and informative art installation.

A few of the murals we've done

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