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On display Monday 5th September to Wednesday 26th September 2022

10am to 4pm   |   Monday to Saturday   |   The Village Hall   |   Free Entry

Hosted by The Incubator Creative Hub, The Secret Keeper is an exhibition of sculpted works and photographic images that details the story of Catherine Daniels’ childhood trauma and sexual abuse that she kept secret for years. 

Catherine Daniels became an artist when trying to write about the trauma and abuse she suffered as a child at home and at school, became too hard. Finding it too difficult to write about her experiences, she decided to make a sculpture to portray what she couldn't say in words. The figures she went on to create formed the basis for her touring exhibition The Secret Keeper, along with photographic images by her collaborator, Esther Bunning.

Through her works, Catherine hopes to start the important conversations needed to help others navigate their own journeys of healing through childhood trauma, parental neglect, sexual abuse and mental health issues.

Bringing this exhibition to Tauranga, not only allowed people to view these world-class artworks, but also provided an opportunity for individuals and a variety of community organisations, to engage with, bring awareness to and start conversations about a subject which is often shrouded in secrecy and shame.

You can learn more about Catherine’s journey and work in her video here. **Trigger Warning/ Content Warning** Confronting artwork and sculptures.

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The Artists


Catherine Daniels

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Esther Bunning


More about Esther

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