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Tauranga's Arts and Culture Hub
The collision between arts and the people

Established in 2013, The Incubator is a vibrant and diverse destination where audience, creatives and community arts groups meet to practice, celebrate, showcase and experience art and culture.​ The Incubator weaves the arts into the fabric of our city by generating opportunities for participation, knowledge and education while demonstrating the importance of arts practice in everyday life.

We are a tangible example of the positive power that artists and art organisations can contribute to community connectedness, human well-being and belonging. We deliver an exhaustive program of events to empower artists and community to engage in cultural projects and activities. We champion the arts on and behalf of our arts community, telling OUR stories through art.
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The Incubator has we have 16 spaces ‘incubated’ and supported under our umbrella.
Throughout the Historic Village, you will find spaces ranging from ceramic studios to music venues, vintage cinema to retail galleries. These spaces house a range of different artists and we
host many events and projects throughout the year to get the community involved. Our spaces are run by the artists and are for the artists.

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I had a solo exhibition at the Incubator Gallery. The Incubator crew were wonderfully supportive and helpful throughout the whole process from prior organisation, exhibition opening, the exhibition time, and with deinstall. They also promoted the event well. Just a wonderful experience and I am really grateful for the team and all that they do to support creatives.

- Kim

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