The Mission...


To provide an enjoyable and educational event that will aid creatives in forming fundamental innovative business practice skills and positive connections with local entities and other creatives. Incubating the growth of strong support and/or collaborative networks, sustaining vital growth of the local creative community.  

  • An incubative and innovative bi-monthly event  that supports the local creative community on their journey.

  • Creatives can test ideas and/or products and get honest feedback from real customers in an open market format.

  • Initiate contact between creatives and leaders of local business, innovation and entrepreneurial growth groups/networks.

  •  Bridging the current void between education completion and the business/entrepreneurial support often required for success.

  • Educate the community on what ‘Creative’ and ‘Innovation’ mean.

  • Regenerate the idea of 'markets' and what they can offer both the 'stallholders' and the community. 

  • A space for disruptive innovative creatives, supporters/mentors/investors, and the wider local community to connect.

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of all types! Artists, designers, scientists, animators, potters,

digital wizards,

inventors, writers, carvers, entrepreneurs, sculptors etc.

Culinary Artists

focused on innovation.

Local food creatives testing out something they've never done before! New

flavours, techniques, technologies, etc. 


of all kinds! Musicians, singers, actors, dancers, poets, magicians, comedians, acrobats etc. Are you wanting to try something new? Here's your chance!


 Local leaders, groups/ networks, support businesses/ entities, investors etc.
E.g:  The Incubator, Creative BOP, Chamber of Commerce, etc. 

Creatives:  Get involved, get connected !

Are you a creative who is taking a step forward or in a different direction with their creative practice/business? 

  • Testing a new product (surveys, samples etc),

  • Trialing new branding,

  • Surveying the sale-ability of a new product/idea,

  • Testing the viability of their creative practice as a business

The Deal: 

  •  Must have an innovative aspect,

  •  Must have a creative aspect - this can be very wide ranging,

  • Potentially a  focus on sustainable practice


$10 for creatives



Indoor table/floor space . Approx half a trestle table size .

Entertainment / Music creatives will have set time spaces on the provided stage. or out of the box spaces.

Selection process:
Creatives who apply will not be guaranteed a space at the event. All applications will be looked over by the event team and those who best meet the requirements will be selected and assigned spaces. Although this process will exist, we will strive to include all creatives who apply if possible, however these requirements exist to ensure the integrity and sustainable future of this project. ​

A huge thank you to all of our Supporters and Sponsors!!

Supporters/Guest Speakers :

We would love you to get on board!

Graphic designers, Web agencies, Investment agencies, entrepreneurial support etc.  Anyone who works with creatives and wants to see them succeed. 


  • Meet the creatives before the event, discuss their ideas and offer advice/connections.

  • Take part in short event workshop pre-opening, to get the creatives amped!

  • Have a space at the event to show the community/visitors on what services you can offer.

  • Supply helpful info for the  creatives can take away with them. 

For all creatives involved in the event/s, to be held on the event day prior to opening. 

Including things like audience engagement, social media, website creation etc.

Free Workshops

Have an idea but you might need more space or special requirements?

Get hold of us and lets

work together to see what

we can do!

Alternative Spaces

With local leaders, groups/ networks, support businesses/ entities, etc.

For example:  The Incubator Crew, Creative BOP, Chamber of Commerce, etc. 


Introducing our first guest speaker...

Anne Pankhurst : Small Business Roadmap Workshop 

 Friday 16th October

Anne Pankhurst – Engagement Coordinator
Anne is the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce’s Engagement Coordinator for LINKT (formerly Rocket! Young Professionals), SBT (Small Business Tauranga) and for Special Projects including the Westpac Tauranga Business Awards. She has an extensive background in events management and advocacy, and has previously represented the Chamber on a number of external committees and networks such as Mainstreet and City Centre Action Group.  

Workshop Content:
Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy, and thousands start up every year. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that drives the creation of businesses. However many aspiring business owners don’t make it past their first year, because they don’t understand the basic process of starting a business. This workshop has been designed to provide you with a road map to firstly identify and manage both your opportunities and your risks, and secondly optimize your potential for success. This workshop will take approximately 45-60mins

Workshops are FREE to all creatives signed up to be a part of the Test Tube event.

All workshops take place on the event day, prior to the event opening to the public.

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