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The Nitty Gritty

Next event:  There are currently no events planned.

Pack in time from:  3 pm  - no later than 3:30 pm
                                        Pack in completed by 4 pm

Introductions & Site Induction:  4.10 to 4.25 pm

Creative workshops:  4.25 to 5.05 pm

Supporter/Creatives Meet & Greet: 

5.10 to 5.30 pm

Event start time:  5.30 pm 

Event finish time:  8 pm

Cost:  $10 for creatives with a table/floor space and fashion show creatives.

This contribution is invested back into the event. 



  • Must have an innovative aspect

  • Must have a creative aspect - this can be very wide ranging

  • And (although not required) a strong focus on sustainable practice is highly recommended

  • Happy to help each other out 

  • Prepared to pack in and out swiftly

  • Be organised, be engaging, and have fun! 

There are no applications currently open.


Fill in the following form to show your interest in being a part of future Test Tube events, or other events held at the Incubator Creative Hub. 

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