It’s a requirement by law for you to share this 'Housekeeping' information with your participants at the beginning of each series of classes or a standalone individual class.


Persons discovering an emergency for which the buildings should be evacuated should call 111.
After everyone is evacuated, they should notify Village Administration if during office hours, of the exact location of the incident. Ph 075713700

FIREFIGHTING -The safe evacuation of persons is an absolute priority.
Individuals may only attempt to deal with small fires, if it is safe to do so without putting themselves at risk, using portable the firefighting equipment. Ensure the alarm is raised BEFORE attempting to tackle a fire. There is a fire extinguisher on the wall by the Health and Safety Boards.



All occupiers, visitors and any other people in the building must respond to alarm activations .

The event leader who would have signed the Induction Registrar Form must wear the high vis orange warden arm band  then supervise the evacuation of occupiers/visitors to the designated assembly point. -  Main entrance by the Village Office.

Occupiers should leave in an orderly fashion . The person who signed the Induction registrar form must close the doors and hang the designated building tag that is attached to a twist tie hanging on the Health and Safety Boards to the outside of the door .
Remember the  building number to the assembly point where they will remain and wait for direction from village management or fire service upon their arrival




We need a list of the hazards & risk management controls for the work you will be doing BEFORE you use the premises.

This includes any electrical appliances brought into premises.

Please note all electrical appliances must have NO exposed wires.

 You will be required to list an hazards that you will be bringing oinsite in your booking form.

 See examples below.

craft knives, scissors, blades, glueguns, solvents.



The Incubator and its Directors are not responsible for any damage to or loss of any property that you bring to or store on the premises. You are strongly advised to have adequate insurance to cover your property, as The Incubator insurance will not protect your property.


  • Please fill out the appended “Hazard Identification & Risk Management Form” before your classes or course commences.


  • Please make sure you inform/induct your participants and any other parties using the venue during your classes or course; of all the relevant health and safety information, including any relevant information on the “Venue Agreement” and any hazards acknowledged on the “Hazard Identification & Risk Management Form”.


  • After the induction fill out and sign the “Induction Registrar Form” on the clipboard hanging on the wall in the kitchen.


  • Make sure that you complete the “Incident or Near Miss Form” at the back of the same clipboard if you should have an incident or a near miss incident during your classes or course.

Capacity clause for use of the Jam Factory

The maximum seated audience capacity is 55. The Total capacity for standing events is 70 including performers