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ArtVenture programme

The Incubator Creative Hub has launched ArtVenture, a programme designed for school visits between the years of 1-8. Visiting art places exposes children to a diverse range of artistic experiences, promotes creativity, cultural awareness, cognitive development, emotional expression, and provides a platform for self-discovery and personal growth.

A visit to The Incubator Creative Hub can offer an 'away from school' experience that includes a basic level, interactive artwork, visits to our exhibitions in the galleries and an opportunity to engage in the community spaces and creative activities we have around the Historic Village. The objective during the gallery visits and art activity is for children to be inspired by the art world and introduced to art practices - leaving with a lifelong connection to the arts. We have curated this programme for classrooms to be both self-directed and staff facilitated - engaging in outdoor games, nature walks, exhibition visits and tangible artistic experiences with a focus on art practices.

How it works?

1. Click the link below to request a booking date

2. We will confirm your booking within the same day and within 5 business days you will receive your ArtVenture schedule and info pack

3. Turn up on the day with parent/teacher support, your students and a packed lunch - ready to get involved!

All creative art projects are presented and packaged as a homemade artwork for the children to take home

Cost of ArtVenture - $250 + GST

This cost includes materials and activities for 30 students.

If your visit preferences do not fit within the ArtVenture specifications, don’t worry - we can still look at curating a visit for you. Please refer to our group visits page.

VERY HUGE THANK YOU for having our Year 2 team with you today.  You put together an amazing day for us and honestly the kids are buzzing about it!  We have already had a lot of great comments from the parents there today as well.

- Maungatapu Primary School

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