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Think you've heard the worst poetry of your life? Think again!! Cringefest launched at Fringe in March and had queues lined out the door and down the street. Celebrate New Zealand Poetry day Cringefest-style.

Now our poets are back and are worse than ever. Can Sam Allen hold his title as the Cringey-est poet in the Bay, or are have other hilariously terrible, cringe-worthy poets been lured out to topple his reign?

Get along to the Village Cinema and lend your jeers, groans and laughter to help decide who has the worst poem of 2024.

The rules are simple - each poet has two minutes to do their damnedest. The worst six poets go through to the next round where they have another two minutes to make the audience wish they'd never left the comfort of their couch.

The third and final round sees the three most awful poets battle it out for the coveted title of Cringefest winner, 2024.

Worst Poet Wins!


We don't mean bad: we mean hilariously terrible, laugh-out-loud embarrassing, entertainingly cringe-worthy poetry so awful that it transcends quality – becoming genius. The rules around this are simple. Three knockout rounds: Each performer gets a maximum of 2 minutes. Top 6 move through to the next round, then top 3 to the finals. Judges verdict is final. Judges will be selected from the audience, so bring your mates and get ready to groan. Leave your hate at the gate. And your offence at the fence. This is a fun event where laughter rules.




We will get in touch with you around the end of July about your submission and to retrieve a bio and image.

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