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November the 28th at the Village saw a one-day event of arts illumination in action!

In 2019 The Incubator Creative Hub worked alongside their “BFFs” Tauranga Arts Festival, Baycourt and the Historic Village to bring the very first Fringe Village to Tauranga . So in 2020 we delivered a bite sized space filler in the Village.

This event encouraged creative participation, new connections, and a blatant agenda of creative activity.

Illuminarti sums it all up - An antithesis to the mind-numbing negative conspiracy theories, politics, and mass hysteria. In these seemingly dark times, we need illumination through the arts!

This was a plot inspired by one truth in this world of madness, that art can transform spaces into magnetic attractions, it can give contemplation to awkward uninspiring walls and murky Labyrinthian passages.


The Illuminarti project infiltrated the Village to ‘Illuminate’ spaces on a day where a cabal of artists and audience became one. Artists conspired to create installation/mural fusion type works that will stay behind leaving a legacy of alternative art, contributing to the Village’s reputation as a stimulating destination of grassroots Arts and Culture.

Whare Thompson
Sam Savage
Sam Allen
Michelle Estall
Ninja Knits
Michael Jones
Mark Handly
Eric Collier
Louis Mikaere
Constanza Briceno
Emma Underwood
Bobbi Summers
Areena Smith
Colin Bell
Carol Bisset

The Artists

These standout fellow art conspirators were selected to be part of the big plan, carefully preplanning their stratagem of creativity that they revealed during the day and they painted for the sheeple.


Working as individuals they rendered their artistic concepts on to soon-to-be wall mounted installations. This anti-covert activity demonstrated the art of art.

Illuminarti Programme.png

The Art

Focused on installations and murals highlighting the many exciting and experimental overlaps between these areas.

The Participatory:

Interactive Art projects enticed non villainous spectators, and pushed the boundaries into new realms, where spectators were able to step in and contribute to artworks. This included a large scale work, painted by Sam Allen, that invited individual creative expression from artists across the BOP.

The Co-Conspirators:

Co-Conspirators the Home of Mood and Mood media (not so fake news) provided the garden bar - essential to all festivals big and small! Along with an array of entertainment and musicians that modified the atmosphere and laced it with feel good!

The Dishtopia:

A collusion of food trucks provided a Dishtopian array of non-genetically modified food.

We saw the battle between the juicy Big Farmer and plant-based proteins - we were licking our apocolyps!

The Exhibitions:

Two featured exhibitions in both Galleries that blew the minds of the visitors!


112 Featured identical sized artworks from over 80 artists using a huge number of creative techniques and styles. In classic show style (109, 110 and 111) this launch triggered a stampede of eager buyers.

Memoirs of a Salaryman - A spectacular first-time solo exhibition by comic artist Kiramekisan lived up to its name. Comical with intricate complex techniques and colours that were a treat to the retinal cones and switched viewers visual cortexes into overdrive.