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Tauranga Sexual Health Clinic - Art Bomb

The Tauranga Sexual Health Clinic approached the Incubator with the issue of their clients find the waiting room sterile and hospital-like – we visited the space and totally agreed.

The concept was planned and executed - The walls of the clinic will became a ‘canvas’ to communicate important emotional and sexual health messages. The space was to be transformed into an interactive and informative art installation. Graffiti and street art styled murals blew the traditional expectation of a clinical waiting room out of the water.


We used art as a language to break down barriers about the stigma of sexual health issues.  As well as making their clinic environment welcoming, transgender friendly, inclusive and safe, somewhere the clients felt valued not marginalised. 


Murals were be created with an edgy colourful flavour using design concepts from the master of edgy illustration Craig McClure and using art and humorous colloquial slogans and provocative images to visually deliver the information in a way that the clients can relate to.


The clinic always had the sense of being at the bottom rung of the ladder for resources and ‘attractive décor’ and added to the stigma, shame and unworthiness that already trouble our clients. The hope was that this creative collaboration with local artists would help the visitors of the clinic to see that our community cares about them and their wellbeing and that, instead of stigma and shame, they should feel proud and affirmed that they are taking charge of their health and making great choices.  


Art is a proven tool to inspire positive action and empower people.


The Creatives


Craig McClure


Designs created by Craig


Craig's Website


The Incubator Team

Painted by a small team of our fantastic creatives!

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