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Exhibition fees

The Incubator Gallery                                                                            $300 +gst  (3 week exhibition duration) Commission 25% + GST 

The People's Gallery - Toi ka rere                                                    $300 +gst  (3 week exhibition duration) Commission 25% + GST

Whare Taonga Gallery - Okorore Ngā Toi Māori                  $75- 140    (Length of exhibtion is negotiable) Commission 25%

The Pot House - Ceramic Exhibition Gallery                           $200 +gst  (3 week exhibition duration) Commission (Commission is on a case by case basis depending on the price bracket of the items.)

Optional Vinyl Artist name/Signature                                    $40 


Catering Options: Please note this is a case by case and there will be an additional towards catering . We will discuss this with you in person.

* It's a compulsory requirement for People's Gallery exhibitors to participate to staffing the space.

* It's a  compulsory requirement for Incubator Gallery and Pot House exhibitors to be available to represent their show on Saturdays and Sundays. A penalty applies for non attendance and will be invoiced at the end of the exhibition.


The Incubator Galleries are inclusive community spaces for the expression of artists .
Content or themes depicted  in the art of individuals do not by default represent the views of the Incubator Creative Hub team, board or volunteers.

We will not support activity that contravenes any sections of  the NZ Human Rights Act 1993 . 

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