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Hawkes Bay Artist Fundraiser 

Artists unite Invitation (Postcard) (220 × 105 mm) (220 × 150 mm).png

The Incubator team have a great admiration for our artist friends in the Hawkes Bay where there is a thriving community of arts collectives and groups.

We wanted to show our support by pitching in to raise money. This will be donated to their grassroots arts communities to help with the damage, replenishing supplies and support.

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Participating artists

Constanza Briceno

Kaye Davis

Zoe Sizemore

Christie Cramer

Lynette Fisher

Anna Solich

Here's a shout out and big thanks to the artists donating works.

All the proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to Hawkes Bay Arts Collectives and Artists who have been affected by floods.
This will be donated through official fundraising  avenues.

Artists unite.png

Terms and Conditions

Delivery Days: Monday - Friday 10 -4.30pm

Saturdays 10 -2pm

Deliver to the Creative Campus

No later than  15th March


Exhibition  Launches: Friday 17th March

Exhibition ends: Easter Monday


Location: The People's Gallery



  • Donated works can be your own work or works of art you own .

  • Works from outside of the BOP will be accepted but please see condition below.

  • Works must be good condition with adequate fixtures for hanging please and will be curated to an exhibition standard.

  • Works are to be original and limited edition signed prints not reproduction prints please.


All works must have a swing tag attached with the following :

Donor name

Contact email

Contact ph number

Artist name

Recommended price ( Please consider we want to sell these works !)

Unsold work instructions ( To be returned or donated elsewhere at the Incubator's discretion.)

Please send all artwork to: 159 17th Avenue, Tauranga South, Tauranga 3112

No returns: We can receive couriered items but will not be responsible for returning unsold items


The exhibition may feature a mix of curated works and cash & carry. The curated works will remain on display until the end of the exhibition.

These works will be at the discretion of the Incubator Creative Hub

Donor name Contact email Contact ph number Artist name Recommended price Unsold work instr
Your swing tag should look like this
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