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Your feedback is important for us - thank you!

Gathering testimonials and feedback are an essential way for us to try and be better at what we do . It also demonstrates to funders and supporters that what we are doing has a value in the community .  We know it makes us all feel connected too.

We'd be very grateful if you could give us feedback.

Here are some examples:
"I loved every one of my Nick Eggleston workshops at the Artery.
I looked forward to Wednesdays all week knowing what to look forward to in my happy place . Nick was a terrific teacher and I was so blown away by what I accomplished.
Julie -Tauranga


I recently attended a Lawrence Arabia performance at the Jam Factory - We loved connecting with the other audience and the musician in person – It’s such a great intimate space – We love having this venue in Tauranga – Craig Te Puna BOP

Just to be transparent we will be sharing testimonials and feedback in our reporting documents and sometimes on our social media and website . First names only will be used on social media. 

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