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Do you have a project you would like to discuss with our team?

We are interested to hear from you whether it's a Creatives in Schools project, a corporate event, a school visit, or an idea where you need access to some fabulous creatives.

Fill in the form below to enable us to help you as best we can, or steer you in the right direction.


The Incubator Creative Hub is a registered Creative organisation with the Creatives In Schools Programme. Info here

Summary of who we are and what we do for use in applications, board presentations or other.

The Incubator is a vibrant and diverse destination where audience, creatives, and community arts groups connect to practice, celebrate, showcase and experience art and culture.

The Incubator weaves the arts into the fabric of our city by generating opportunities for participation, knowledge and education while demonstrating the importance of arts practice in everyday life.

They are a tangible example of the positive power that artists and art organisations can contribute to community connectedness, human well-being and belonging.

They deliver an exhaustive program of events to empower artists and community to engage in cultural projects and activities.

They champion the arts on behalf of our arts community telling OUR stories through art.


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