The Mission...


To provide an enjoyable and educational event that will aid creatives in forming fundamental innovative business practice skills and positive connections with local entities and other creatives. Incubating the growth of strong support and/or collaborative networks, sustaining vital growth of the local creative community.  

We will...

  • Offer an incubative and innovative series of events (bi-monthly) that can support the local creative community on their journey, where creatives can test ideas and/or products and get honest feedback from real customers in an open market format.

  • Initiate contact between creatives and leaders of local business, innovation and entrepreneurial growth groups/networks, bridging the current void between education completion and the business/entrepreneurial support often required for success.

  • Better educate the community on terms like ‘Creative’ and ‘Innovation’ and regenerate the idea of 'markets' and what they can offer both the 'stallholders' and the community. 

In short, we will provide a space for disruptive innovative creatives, supporters/mentors/investors, and the wider local community to connect. Hosted by The Incubator Creative Hub Charitable Trust at The Historic Village, 17th Avenue, Tauranga. 

What we're looking for...


of all types! Artists, designers, scientists, animators, potters,

digital wizards,

inventors, writers, carvers, entrepreneurs, sculptors etc.

Culinary Artists

focused on innovation.

Local food creatives testing out something they've never done before! New

flavours, techniques, technologies, etc. 


of all kinds! Musicians, singers, actors, dancers, poets, magicians, comedians, acrobats etc. Are you wanting to try something new? Here's your chance!


 Local leaders, groups/ networks, support businesses/ entities, investors etc.
E.g:  The Incubator, Creative BOP, Chamber of Commerce, etc. 

Local food/entertainment/creative support entities, e.g. graphic design agencies, investment agencies, entrepreneurial support etc.  Anyone who works with creatives and whats to see them succeed. 


Purpose: Varying. Some to... 

  • meet the creatives before the event, discuss their ideas and offer advice/connections,

  • take part in short event workshops (same day, pre-opening) to get the creatives thinking about the best way to spend their time and energy during the event,

  • have their own setup at the event where they can also educate the community/visitors on what they do/offer,

  • supply helpful information, and contact details, that the creatives can take away with them. 

If you think that you might fit into this category then click here to email us.

Please include your name, organisation, and why you think you should be a part of this event and we will get back to you with more information as soon as possible.

Please do this ASAP, before Friday the 2nd of October, if you are interested in attending the first event. 

Selection process:

Creatives who apply will not be guaranteed a space at the event. All applications will be looked over by the event team and those who best meet the requirements will be selected and assigned spaces. Although this process will exist, we will strive to include all creatives who apply if possible, however these requirements exist to ensure the integrity and sustainable future of this project. ​

More information...



We are looking for creatives who are

  • taking a step forward or in a different direction with their creative practice/business,

  • testing a new product (surveys, samples etc),

  • trialing new branding,

  • surveying the sale-ability of a new product/idea,

  • simply testing the viability of their creative practice as a business.



  • must have an innovative aspect,

  • must have a creative aspect - this can be very wide ranging,

  • and (although not required) a strong focus on sustainable practice is highly recommended. 


Cost: There will be a small fee of $10 for creatives wanting an indoor table/floor space (each creative will be given half a trestle table to utilize, if required) - this contribution is invested back into the event. 

Entertainment creatives will have set time spaces on the provided stage. This will be a small stage promoting intimacy for the audience.

If you think you might fit into this category, please fill in the Test Tube submission form here. Please note that submissions are for one event only.

Feel free to email us (click here) if you require more information .

Entries for the first event HAVE NOW BEEN EXTENDED and close on Friday the 9th of October

Due to the recent Covid-19 news and Tauranga now being in Alert Level 2, we have decided to be super safe and postpone the first Test Tube Event until Friday the 16th of October.

We want to make sure we can have the best first event possible and we would love for you ALL to be a part of it!

Due to this change, submissions will now reopen until Friday 9th October, so please help us spread the word!


Positive thoughts and keep safe everyone!

What we're offering...

For all creatives involved in the event/s, to be held on the event day prior to opening. 

Including things like audience engagement, social media, website creation etc.

Free Workshops

Have an idea but you might need more space or special requirements?

Get hold of us and lets

work together to see what

we can do!

Alternative Spaces

With local leaders, groups/ networks, support businesses/ entities, etc.

For example:  The Incubator Crew, Creative BOP, Chamber of Commerce, etc. 


A huge thanks to our wonderful sponsors...