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Exhibiting in the Incubator Galleries

The Incubator presents a vibrant exhibition programme profiling artists and groups that are both nationally and locally recognised as well as community based and local artistic talents. 
Our exhibition programme will strives to represent a wide range of visual art mediums, including historical and multi-cultural themes with links to a selection of regional and local, arts and topical cultural events.

The  'People's Gallery Toi ka rere' as a venue, aims to provide an important and exciting visual platform in which community groups within the Bay of Plenty region can display and promote their diverse range of creative talents.

The Okorore Ngā Toi Māori with its Whare Taonga Gallery gives opportunity for small exhibitions supporting indigenous and Māori artists.

We will Require:

  • Exhibition fee  $300 +gst (Up to 4 week exhibition duration) 

  • Commission 25% GST on sales (plus GST )

  •  Catering Options:  

A. The Incubator Creative Hub will supply a basic refreshment package . $250 (For multi exhibition openings this cost may be reduced on a shared cost basis)

B. The Artist/Exhibition group will seek sponsorship or provide the refreshments themselves

  • We do have a minimum guidelines for what needs to be provided in terms of quantity and quality - Ask for details .

The services we help with include:

  • Installation and set-up

  • Projects will be curated by the Incubator team.  (Works hung and displayed at the Incubator's discretion)

  • Email /social media/website promotion.

  • Flyer/Invitation design

  • Opening reception volunteer support 

  • Creating a roster for your group to register to keep the gallery open * during Incubator open hours

  • Pricing advice and sales support

It's a compulsory requirement for People's Gallery exhibitors to participate in staffing the space.

It's a compulsory requirement for Incubator Gallery exhibitors and The Pot House Gallery Exhibitors to be available to represent their show on Saturdays and Sundays.


The People's Gallery 


The  'People's Gallery Toi ka rere  aims to provide an important and exciting visual platform in which community groups within the Bay of Plenty region can display and promote their creative talents.
An inclusive gallery ensuring everyone belongs, encouraging community and marginalised groups, schools and of course arts groups to use art to connect and develop.

A visual platform to celebrate and showcase the diversity of our community.

The emphasis is on telling stories and raising awareness through art.

A high profile multipurpose exhibition space that enables the creative expression of local arts and community groups though an accessible and supported exhibition programme that strives to be diverse and imaginative.

It is a flexible space suitable for workshops, artist talks and small performance and creative meetings.

The space is not limited to the Bay of Plenty but welcomes travelling groups to display and connect with our local community through art.

  • Providing opportunities for the participation in Arts practices. 

  • Encouraging the use of art as a form of expression and a mode to connect to the People.

  • Raising awareness of these groups and raising self-esteem of the individuals within the groups 

  • Encouraging People’s collaboration and partnerships 

  • Through the audience participation, promotion and media awareness is raised of each People’s group and their purpose 

  • Opportunities for these groups to sell merchandise, fundraise and educate during the course of the exhibition 

  • Using a DIY (Do it yourself) and DIT (Do it together) philosophy to encourage working cooperatively.   

  • Promoting People’s access, engagement and volunteer involvement 

  • Filling what is currently a huge gap 


Group showings must have some continuity for best professional results

The People's Gallery plans

Okorore - Ngā Toi Māori

Whare Taonga Gallery


The Whare Taonga Gallery is an intimate exhibtion setting within the thriving  Okorore whare.

There is the opportunity to exhibit pop up style and our team are happy to korero about this to suit your needs.

Artists must submit through the online form to be eligible.

The Incubator Gallery


The Incubator Gallery is an exhibition platform offering emerging and established artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a professional art gallery located in the vibrant and dynamic Historic Village, a lively and popular destination for art and culture.

Knowing the difficulties of gaining exposure we provide a stepping stone for emerging artists and a gallery platform for established artists wishing to self-represent.

We aim to help artists gain exposure, exhibition experience and opportunities to collaborate with other artists.


Artists must present:

A cohesive /thematic body of work – having worked towards this to present in a cohesive exhibition.

  • Unless agreed, the Incubator will curate and hang all shows, reserving the right of selection of works up to the day of hanging.

  • All artists/ groups wishing to exhibit in the Incubator Gallery must submit a proposal. 

  • Professional and emerging artists working in any medium are eligible to apply to exhibit at the Incubator Gallery.

  •  Artists may make applications that set out that show a final body of work.

  • Where a project is approved but yet to be developed, it is expected that artists will maintain close contact with the Incubator Management  during the production period, and that the final work will remain true to the original concept approved, unless otherwise negotiated.

  •  Freight and insurance are the responsibility of the artist.  Should there be a specific reason why an exhibition must take place within a particular time frame you should clearly indicate this in your application.

  • It's a compulsory requirement for artists or their representatives exhibitors to be available to man the gallery on Saturday and Sundays.

  • Exhibitions are 3 week duration and launch alongside the exhibitions in our other two gallery .

  • Artists must submit through the online form to be eligible.

The Incubator Gallery

The Pot House 

Ceramic Artist Exhibition Gallery


The Pot House is the Bay of Plenty's only purpose ceramic artist exhibition space.

Located in a funky villa within the Historic Village alongside a retail ceramic and pottery gallery and working studios for ceramicists and potters. 

Exhibitions are 3 week duration and launch alongside the exhibitions in our other two gallery .

Artists must submit through the online form to be eligible.

Commission is on a case by case basis depending on the price bracket of the items.

Pot house Gallery montage.jpg


The Incubator Galleries are inclusive community spaces for the expression of artists .
Content or themes depicted  in the art of individuals do not by default represent the views of the Incubator Creative Hub team, board or volunteers.

We will not support activity that contravenes any sections of  the NZ Human Rights Act 1993 . 

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