The Incubator brings you – the Jam Factory. The  Bay of Plenty’s only Boutique Music Space

How we can help make your event as great as it can be.

  •  We can supply a reasonable raft of equipment.

  • Terrific promotion, graphic design flyers and posters and at time accommodation for visiting musicians

  •  A team of 3. One event leader and two team volunteers to help manage your performance, take your door sales and sell merchandise for you. 

  • Support acts are encouraged and if you do not have one or know any appropriate local acts we can help hook you up. 

  • The Incubator and Jam Factory work to encourage affordable and free access to Art and Culture we don’t have a big emphasis on commercial.  However, you can sell CDs and merchandise.  You are welcome to donate one to our collection!



  • Events cancelled within 7 days will incur a 30% cancellation fee

  • Any events cancelled within 48 hours are not refundable.

  • Performers acknowledge and agree that The Incubator Creative Hub / Jam Factory may cancel the booking in case of Force Majeure, with full refund of fees. (Force Majeure covers all unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract… including acts of God).

  • Please understand that in some events there may be a deposit required to be returned after the event subject to no damages or costs created during the event and its guests. This is ascertained on a case by case basis.


  • 55 people indoors (this will increase once the new Grade 2 fire alarm system is installed) Overflow to the outside stage area only in warmer months.

Promotional plan

  • Please attach a collection of awesome high resolution photographs to be used on your poster and to feed into your event page. 

  • If you are providing your own graphic design collateral please send it in a jpeg format so we can add the Jam factory brand banner. 

  • We have a strict brand standards policy. Please do not chop the Incubator or Jam Factory logos and place in poster image . 

  • FACEBOOK EVENT : All events must featured band and venues as co-hosts along with our creative support entity Creative BOP and The Historic Village to enable your event to appear as a listing on their event pages also.

  • If creating your Facebook event you need to stipulate the following statement.

  • TIPS For out of town Artists.

  • What we find has been a successful way of promoting your performance is to write a post and/or share event on your band and or personal pages asking your followers to tag people they know in Tauranga to be aware of the event. Boom instant local promo!

  • We will also list your event throughout our website and Instagram as we are sure you will too.

  • we recommend you add your event to eventfinda, Undertheradar with the correct Booking Pronto booking link that we  provide.

  • We send a regular newsletter to our 4000+ database which we will feature your poster and some info, video clips etc about you including link to our booking platform.

  • Press release. We can provide you the email addresses of the press contacts and from our experience the stories and press are better coming from you. Please mention the Jam Factory as venue - Address The Historic Village Tauranga 

  • We appreciate the sharing/liking of the Incubator Facebook page on your individual and/or band page and we will reciprocate to share the love.

Support band

  • We encourage you to liaise with the support band/musician prior to gig and include information about them on your promo material where possible and give them a bit of a shout out on event page and lead up.

  • We also fully encourage you to be present to appreciate your support act ! 

  • We leave you to decide what your deal is with a support act if there is one.

Booking system

  • We provide a booking system through our subscription with events pronto. There is no charge to you. We can oversee the number of bookings and have the ability to communicate with the audience about our facilities and send friendly emails should we need to.

  • You will be provided the link upon booking which you can use in all your own promotion.

The Nitty-gritty serious stuff

  • As the Village is a public reserve it is not acceptable for noise travel that contains offensive language lyrics to upset other visitors to the Village.

  • Respect of venue and Village: The Village is technically a non smoking zone however there is one designated area at the foot of the stairs.

  • Smoking is not permitted on the outdoor deck/stage .

  • No incense or candles are permitted in the venue under any circumstances due to the fire alarm system. (Very sensitive)

  • Alcohol & Refreshments: It is permitted to bring a discreet quantity of refreshments but alcohol is not permitted off the Jam Factory area under any circumstances not to be held or consumed in the public areas, streets or bathrooms. Inside the Jam Factory and on the Deck only . 

  • Damages: Performers will be liable for any damage incurred to our sound gear and premises.

  • Age Restrictions - All ages shows - Patrons who are under 18 must be accompanied by a Parent or Legal guardian. 

  • Sound level: Must be managed at no more than 91dB.  (This is a Village wide rule that pertains to the public space zone.)

  • We do not permit mic'ing of drums in our venue due to the proximity of other tenants and sound travel.

  • Helicopter noise. We do need to warn you that we are in the flight path of the Tauranga hospital Rescue helicopter . It is a very loud helicopter and sometimes it may momentary impact your event. Please be aware that they are saving lives and it is an unavoidable issue.

Health & Safety Policy:

There are H&S policies in place for the use of the Jam Factory

  • You will be hooked up with one of the Jam Factory team members who will be your point of contact during the event.

  • Please deal with that nominated person only during the event for queries and any Health & Safety incidents or issues.

  • Any incidents or near misses must be reported to the Team leader on the day of the event.

  • It is essential to meet with the team leader who is essentially the Health & Safety Manager, before any event can proceed.

  • This is to discuss any unique risks and potential issues and to put into place preventative measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable event.

  • The Event Notification and Investigation forms for recording and reporting any incident or injury are available in the kitchens of both The Jam Factory and The Incubator These forms are held on the clipboard with the work safe induction form.

  • Sound level: Must be managed at no more than 91dB.

Gear being brought into the premises

  • With the NZ Health & Safety laws we need to assure any equipment you bring into the premises is safe .

  • Although the following is something that will not be enforced until 2021, electrical equipment brought into the Incubator should have a current code of compliance tag including all extension cords and multi-boxes and electrical music equipment. No cords or equipment with exposed wires will be able to be used on our premises. 

  • The Incubator Creative Hub will not be liable for any damages, theft to equipment from visiting bands .


  • There are CCTV cameras positioned around the Village feeding directly back to the Tauranga City Council, so any drunken, illegal behaviour will be on TV, both live and recorded. 

  • We reserve the right to turn away intoxicated people and will not tolerate preloading and drunkenness.

  • The Incubator is proud to call the Village our home and we stipulate up front that this is not place for drunken behaviour, drug use or damage to Jam Factory property or damage to the Village grounds.

  • We will not tolerate any of the above behaviours and security measures will be used without hesitation.

  • Respect for other tenants and the Village, there are other tenants and organisations operating and we ask that when walking around the Village your guests are mindful of other events and gatherings. 

  • Absolutely NO alcohol to be walked around the Village at any time.


Some info about the Jam Factory and our Kaupapa.

  • The Jam Factory is part of the The Incubator Creative Hub based in the Historic Village Tauranga.

  • We are a supportive environment, an eclectic and intriguing platform for small performances of music and theatre.

  • The Jam Factory is in its infancy and it is the input of the music community that will help develop this facility and network. 

  • As with the Mothership organisation, The Incubator, we work on a D.I.T philosophy (Do it Together).

  • We are a Charitable Trust, not for profit organisation.

  • We make things happen with volunteers who are committed to enabling you to have the best possible experience from getting to know the team. 

  • A space for musicians and entertainers to meet, play and compose, teach and collaborate.

  • A platform for musicians, actors, theatre, audition space and filming.

  • Opportunities to play and see loads of small intimate gigs sharing our rich local music scene.

  • It is an initiative driven by passion and love of music and the knowledge that there is a gap where music needs to connect at grassroots , interactive and intimate level.


The Jam Factory as a venue

It is a small intimate venue and can accommodate 55 seated.
65 for standing only gigs. (THIS INCLUDES ANY COMPS AND GUEST LIST)

* Please see additional notes below
Originally an 120 year old schoolroom, The Jam Factory is a much loved boutique community music space.

We are a not for profit organisation , we are not a licensed venue; thus our overheads are met with help from your venue fee.


Equipment available

Equipment available

4 x Shure SM57 instrument microphones

6 x Shure SM58 vocal microphones

2 x Sennheiser E614 instrument mics

1 x Sennheiser E904 drum mic

1 x Sennheiser 835 cordless mic

2 x Rode NT1 vocal recording mics

12 x K&M boom microphone stands

5 x K&M short boom microphone stands

1 x  16ch 4 return 50ft multicore snake 

A good selection of mic cables

Several Jack - XLR cables

A selection of jack - jack leads

1 x Behringer 8 channel active DI box

1 x db Technologies sub618 600w RMS 18” powered sub

2 x Yamaha DBR12 12’ 2 way powered loudspeakers

1 x Epson EB2155W 5,000 lumens projector

Mixing console

1 x Yamaha MGP32X 32 Channel 

1 x Allen & Heath 24ch



If a back-line is required - We recommend  Studio 11 - Evan Pope .
Email here to book or enquire about costing.


Jam Factory Venue Contribution

  • The venue fee of $250.00 + GST is required to secure your selected date.

  • This fee covers our in-house PA  and a soundperson and what equipment we have available ( see list below) .

  • The fee if you have your own 'Soundie' is $200 +GST but incurs a $250bond payable before event.

  • All ticket and door revenue go entirely to the artists who perform. (We leave you to decide what your deal is with a support act if there is one.)

  • International acts. If you are an International act there is a bank swift code to use which is:  Swift code ANZ BNZ 22 and BIC code is 060433. 

  • Please let us know if you have any problems with this. There is a surcharge added by the bank of $15 please can you ensure that you add that extra $15 on to cover this cost.



  • Toilets are a short walk within the Village Main Street.

  • There is a small private space for dressing with tea and coffee facilities and a small off stage area.

  • We do encourage you to mingle with the audience rather than wait offstage - it's this point of difference that we encourage - connection and friendships.

  • There are no cafes or food places in the Village after 3pm so you may want to bring refreshments and snacks.

  • No guest parking permitted in Village grounds- strictly on road. Bands are able to park within close proximity.

  • Discreet BYO is permitted but its not able to be advertised . Our venue is not about alcohol culture but terrific music experiences.

  •  All bottles and cans must be taken away with the guests at the end of the show.

  • We supply cold drinks for sale to guests.

  • The Village is a non smoking venue however there is a smoking area at the base of the Jam Factory stairs. No smoking is permitted on the deck/stage area.

Information for planning your event

  • Entry fee. We recommend $10 - 30 entry fee as our focus is on making great original music experiences accessible . This needs to be relative to how long you perform as well.

  • Booking platform : We provide our own ticketing platform for the events in our venue. This is through Booking pronto and will be at no charge to you.
    This is not negotiable. We will send you the link to use on your listings and UTR and Eventfinda  listings if you are using these platforms to advertise your event. We require direct contact with audience through the dashboard of our system.to let then know the intricacies of the venue such as BYO. (We cannot advertise these details publicly.)

  • Please give us a heads up if you are selling merchandise .

  • Show Times 
    Evening shows- Doors open at 6.30 pm with a prompt start time of 7 pm. Early evening and afternoon shows are also possible.

  • As the Incubator and Jam Factory team are volunteers, we encourage a consistent start time for events. 

  • Support band must start within 30 minutes of the advertised start time and we insist on a snappy 15-minute changeover between acts.

  • Out of respect for our neighbouring residents we have a music curfew of 10.30 pm. The Jam Factory is located within a gated facility so the gates will be locked by security by 11 pm.

  • Sound level: Must be managed at no more than 91dB

Packing in and out​

​Load In: 

  • Load in is at 3 pm. (Specifically for musicians arriving from out of town) This gives you time to set up, sound check and go and grab a bite to eat in town. 
    We ask you to respect the volunteer team who are giving their time to help set up and do not keep them waiting in their precious time.

Load out:

We encourage a team effort to pack down events. 

  • We expect everyone to help pack down - we work as a team,  even the audience can stack chairs and help out to leave the space ready for the next event .  Remember it is DIT! (Do it Together)

  • There will be Incubator team members around to answer any questions and to support you.

  • You will need to be out of the premises by no later than 11pm 
    Independent users will will be liable for the security call out fee .$100+GST