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Bite Sized Art Learning in a Social Atmosphere

The Artery is a vibrant learning space for artists from all disciplines and students of all ages. We offer an affordable venue for artist to share their knowledge in bite-sized workshops for the community to sample. It is also available for casual bookings for groups, private workshops, or for individual use. Click the 'Artery Venue Hire Info' button, at the top of the page, for more information and to make an expression of interest.

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Kintsugi Workshop June INSTA Tile.png

Kintsugi Workshop

with Ema Frost

After three sold out workshops here in April and June, Ema Frost is returning in June for another Kintsugi Workshop. 

It's called kintsugi (金継ぎ), or kintsukuroi (金繕い). Literally, golden (“kin”) and repair (“tsugi”). This traditional Japanese art uses precious metals – liquid gold, liquid silver or lacquer dusted with powdered gold – to bring together the pieces of a broken ceramic item and at the same time, enhance and make a feature of the new seams.

You will take away your wonderful, finished work plus your knew skills which will enable you to further your own Kintsugi in your own time, as well as a new understanding of this beautiful art form, including historical background. You will also receive a Frosty Goodie bag.

This class is not just for budding or accomplished artists. It is for everyone to enjoy a relaxing evening of art and design with Ema.

Tutor: Ema Frost
Date: Sunday 14th August
10.30am - 12.30pm
Where: The Artery, Historic Village
Cost: $149

Materials supplied. Bring along a piece of your own pottery to restore. Ema will also have a few pieces available as back ups.

Ema Frost is a very clever Kiwi Artist, whose illustrations and ceramic works sit in many of our country’s best galleries, and whose products and merchandise sell in the most stylish design stores and gallery shops. Her style is enchanting - quirky, feminine and colourful, and clearly influenced by her travels throughout the world, usually off the beaten track. Ema is inspired by the mystery and magic found in Japanese and Maori Folklore, and this influence can be seen throughout her captivating and detailed images.

Watercolour Pencil Portraiture INSTA Tile.png
Watercolour Pencil Portraiture INSTA Tile.png

Watercolour Pencil Portraiture Workshop

with Helen English

In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to develop both watercolour pencil and portrait drawing techniques to encapsulate both the subjects and their own unique characteristics.

Professional watercolourist and portrait artist Helen English will guide participants through the various stages of portraiture through various observational techniques and practical applications, focusing on:

  • Understanding facial proportions and skeletal structure.

  • Utilising different techniques to determine individual proportions.

  • How to create three dimensional artworks using light and shade.

  • Progression of portrait using watercolour pencils.

  • How pencils differ from traditional watercolour, and the range of what can be achieved with them.

  • Using both pencil and watercolour pencil to create realism or a stylised portrait.

Tutor: Helen English
Date: Saturday, 20th August 2022
Time: 10am – 4pm
Where: The Artery
Price: $120

All materials supplied, as well as tea coffee and nibbles.

Open to all levels of experience, ages 18 and over (unless accompanied by adult).

‘Drawing people, from my imagination and life, has been a constant since I was very young. I spent my childhood constantly drawing in whatever medium I could get my hands on. I began painting in my late 20s, starting with acrylic and oils, however when I discovered watercolour, in later years, it really felt like I'd found home! It's an amazing medium - so delicate by itself but so easy to add depth to with ink or watercolour pencil techniques. I have a teaching background, primary through to adults, so combining teaching with art is my happy place’.

You can see Helen’s work on her website 

Follow her on Facebook @helenenglishartist and on Instagram @helenenglish_artist

Concertina INSTA.png

Create a Concertina Sketchbook

with Shona Mackenzie

Do traditional sketchbooks bother you? Would you like to learn to work more freely? Want to get excited about your creativity? Are you looking for a new direction in your work? Then this is the weekend workshop for you!


Over two full days you will create your own mixed media concertina sketchbook, bursting with colour, texture, and marvellous marks.


Concertina Sketchbooks open out a bit like a piano accordion and are a versatile and budget friendly way to explore new ideas. Learn a variety of mixed media methods and techniques that will help you to work in fresh and freer ways. Discover, most importantly - what ignites you, but also what you'd rather not repeat in a low stakes format.


Saturday & Sunday, 6th & 7th August

With Shona Mackenzie

The Artery

9.30am -3.30pm


Participants must bring:

  • An art shirt or apron

  • Gloss or matt acrylic medium

  • A pair of scissors, glue stick and metal ruler

  • An old clean Chinese takeaway container with lid (or similar clear shallow container

  • A variety of acrylic paints, and or inks

  • A variety of drawing mediums such as oil pastels, charcoal, wax crayons, pencils, pens etc.

  • A variety of scrap paper to collage with this could be lettering or patterns from magazines, corrugated cardboard, old letters, discarded drawings or paintings gift or tissue papers etc.

  • A variety of mark-making tools eg. big and small brushes, palette knife, an old plastic credit card, skewers, an old spatula, a twig, bubble wrap etc.


A great time to clear our your art drawers and bring in things you've not got round to playing with yet. If you are coming with a friend, it could be a good time to pool resources.


Having studied in Glasgow, in the Borders at the Scottish College of Textiles and later Education at the University of Auckland, Shona has a background in art, creative design and pedagogy. After many years teaching she has returned to art full time as a resident artist and tutor, at the Incubator Creative Hub. Shona’s current work is heavily influenced by nature. She intuitively incorporates the layers of colour, texture and movement that surround her rural tiny home into each unique series of work. Predominantly a process-driven artist, Shona frequently constructs her semi-abstract, mixed-media work from a base of her own mono prints. Themes around belonging and home appear throughout her practice - like many New Zealanders her family’s story means she has a foot planted firmly in two countries.


You can visit Shona in her studio here at the Incubator, in the Villa studios. Take a look at her work and follow her on Faceboook @shonamackenzieart, and on Instagram @shonamackenzie_art.

Fugly Mugs INSTA.png

Fugly Mugs! Ceramic Workshop

with Dominique Ford

Love a good mug?


Wanna make your own SUPER unique one, with any kind of crazy embellishment you can dream of?


Perhaps one with a nose? Or, an eyeball? A slug? A boob? A pair of boobs? Or you could be totally outrageous and make a plain mug!


Dominique is our resident artist at The Pot House and fellow admirer of the weird and wonderful, and she’s here to help you bring your wildest mug dreams to life.


Dominique will guide participants through hand forming their mug and sculpting an additional feature to add to the mug. They can then colour their mugs with an array of underglazes. Each piece is left to be picked up later once Dominique has glazed and fired them.


Tutor: Dominique Ford

Date: Saturday, 3rd September

Time: 10am – 1pm

Where: The Creative Campus, Historic Village

Price: $120

All materials supplied


A ceramic artist with a background in graphic design and children's book illustration, Dominique has three adult children and lives with her husband and some cats in rural Tauranga. Dominique describes her ceramics as fun and freaky, cute and creepy. "Do they want to hug you, or eat you?" Inspired by slugs, bugs and sea things; triffids, tentacles and body parts, Domonique believes everybody needs a vase to put pretty flowers in, especially if it has eyeballs, teeth and tentacles.

You can see Dominique's work on her Instagram @precocious_vessels or visit them in the flesh at The Pot House at The Incubator, Historic Village.

Watercolour Greeting Card INSTA.png

Watercolour Greeting Card Workshop

with Jo Jago

Join Jo Jago for a relaxed watercolour painting workshop where stress-free fun is the main aim. Create several greeting cards for you to take home & you'll be surprised at what you can achieve after just one workshop.

This workshop will introduce you to watercolours in a fun & easy way with helpful hints & secrets from me during the workshop. You can expect to learn about composition & colour, receive a helpful handout & a website link to help you paint from home (if you wish) and leave with 3 (or more) finished greeting cards) to take home ... as well as a huge grin on your having had a fabulous time.

This class is an ideal experience for newcomers. More experienced students are welcome, but the focus of these workshops is on the true beginner and those who may think "I could never paint with watercolour" or simply that they just can't paint at all.

Turn up ready to have a really enjoyable time, everything is provided for you including paints, paper, brushes and all other equipment and supplies. Why not bring a friend along too?!

Tutor: Jo Jago

Date: Saturday, 13th August

Time: 10am - 1pm &  1.30 - 4.30pm

Where: The Artery, Historic Village

Price: $95 ($85 early bird price)

All materials supplied, including Classes are small to ensure personal attention for everyone. (Children are welcome, but recommended for ages 8 and up).

top-quality artist-grade paint, paper & consumables and all equipment you will need during your lesson.


Come and join the fun!

You can check out Jo's work online at: &

Vaune M INSTA Tile.png

Three Jewellery Making Workshops

POSTPONED until September

with Vaune Mason

Ring-Making Day

Date: Saturday, 24th September

Time: 10am - 4pm

Cost: $250

This exciting one-day class provides either a fun experience with a great result, or excellent grounding in basic jewellery techniques for those wanting to pick up the activity.


Silver Earrings workshop

Date: Sunday, 25th September

Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm

Cost: $125

This fun short class is an excellent way to have a great experience and make beautiful, wearable earrings!


Stacking Rings workshop

Date: Sunday, 25th September

Time: 1.30 - 4.30pm


Create your own ring stack in silver, copper or brass - or any combination of the three! Learn to correctly measure your ring size, cut form and solder the metal before finishing it up to wear.


" I absolutely love sharing my enthusiasm for making with my students. Professionally, I have been working as a jeweller and a tutor since 2005... I work on my own jewellery, The Wild Jewellery which is a brand I created with Annie Collins, and I am a creative Director for Mason & Collins, our jewellery gallery. 

I am also the travelling tutor for Workspace, so you will see me around NZ when time allows, teaching at local halls and arts schools.

When I am not at work, I enjoy gardening, spinning, chilling with my three small dogs, and caring for a small farmlet "


You can learn more about Workspace Studios on their website and follow them on their Facebook and Instagram pages @workspacestudios.

Finding Your Creative Flow INSTA.png
emma prill (1).jpg

Finding Your Creative Flow

with Emma Prill

In this workshop Emma will guide you through a range of experimental processes using a range of materials including oil pastel, ink and acrylics. Exploring mark making, composition, colour relationships and abstract forms.


Emma will demonstrate ways to “Find your creative flow” and help you put these into practice. Emma will discuss materials and ideas for you to continue your creative explorations at home.


You will create a series of works on paper that are your own colourful collection of processes and ideas from a nurturing creative day.


Tutor: Emma Prill

Date: Sunday, 28th August

Time: 10am – 3pm

Where: The Artery
Cost: $125

All materials supplied

Suitable for all levels. Including complete beginners.


‘My flower garden artworks represent an ideal view. A window into a garden that will always be flourishing, a place to escape and rejuvenate in. I teach experimental processes using a range of materials to explore mark-making, composition, colour relationships and abstract forms. I create forms from canvas, assembling compositions to encompass vibrant colours and multi-textural forms’ - Emma Prill is a painter and art educator who holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts.

Follow Emma and her work on both Facebook and Instagram @emmaprillartist, and visit her website

Period Pad INSTA.png
pexels-photo-2973392 (1).webp

Community Sewing Workshop

Reusable Period Pads

Join us here at The Incubator in the Creative Campus, every month for our community sewing initiative, the first series of which is: Reusable Period Pads!

Come and help us sew reusable period pads for those that need them!

Last Saturday of every month
10am - 2pm
The Creative Campus

27th August

24th September

29th October

26th November

Our aim is to create a steady supply of reusable pads that we can donate to schools and community centres around Tauranga, in the hope that no-one has to go without these basic necessities.

We have developed a pattern, from which to cut and sew, a variety of recycled and repurposed fabrics we have been collecting. We even have an awesome new dome press to add beautiful snaps! 

We'll have 8 new Bernina sewing machines and 2 new Bernina over-lockers which will be set up in the Creative Campus for us to use.

We'll also have all the necessary bits and bobs available to get sewing and producing a stockpile of pads, but we'd always appreciate any and all donations. Especially...
- Any nice cotton or linen fabrics
- Flannelette fabrics
- Towelling
- Rain coating or water resistant linings
- Threads
- Scissors

Feel free to contact Ruth at or on 07 5713232 for more info or discuss how you can contribute.

Huge thanks to The Mazda Foundation and Bernina Tauranga for their generous support with this initiative.

Rongoa Balms Insta Tile.png

Rongoā Balms Workshop

with Nettie Black

In this workshop you will learn how to make balm for your first aid kit and family care with native plants. We will learn karakia and tikanga around harvesting. Learn about simple methods and tools for infusing medicinal plants with oil and their benefits.

Date: 20th August 
Time: 10am -12pm
Where: Creative Campus  (next to the Incubator)
Cost: $75

All materials provided. Bring a note pad and pen. 

Nettie Black will be your facilitating tutor for this workshop. Some of you may already know her products, soaps, balms, oils range we have available at Okorore. Nettie has been a tutor in many different disciplines over the years: plant regeneration, pest control flora and fauna, rocking, sea kayak, rafting, orienteering, river kayaking, tramping, deep sea caving, sea trawler mahi, managing backpackers, raising sea chickens, duck surveying and tagging.

Nettie has a deep passion for nature and caring about people and is a powerhouse of knowledge when it comes to native plants and their medicinal purposes. She is very patient and laid back. You will have a great time at her workshop.

Rēwena INSTA.png

Rēwena Workshop

with Karin Egan

Learn to make and bake rēwena bread with Karin Egan, step by step, beginning with the mixture (bug). Take your bug home to ferment and let it rise over 7 days.

You will be able to keep in touch with Karin over Facebook in a private group for support and progress, pics, tips on finishing and cooking the perfect Rēwena in your oven at home.


Tutor: Karin Egan
Date: Sunday, 11th September
Where: Creative Campus (next door to Incubator)
Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm
Cost: $60

Things you will need to bring:
- Glass mason jar 2 - 3 litres
- Mixing bowl
- An apron if you wish
All other ingredients and materials will be provided.

Master Class INSTA.png

Light Master Class / Strobe & Constant

with Nic Clegg

Photography in its rawest form is simply the capture of light. Throughout the weekend, in a studio setting and on location in the Historic Village, your tutor, Nic Clegg, will provide a greater understanding of how light works, through lecture & lots of practical application.

Nic will demonstrate how light can be manipulated to achieve greater creativity in a photographer’s images. In the studio you will learn how to use 'off camera' strobes (flash) as well as constant & coloured lights. The group will take this equipment out of the studio, around the Historic Village and learn how flash photography can be used in conjunction with natural light.

The course is aimed at an intermediate level of photography knowledge, participants should have an understanding of driving their camera in Manual mode.

Tutor: Nic Clegg
Date: Saturday and Sunday, 27th and 28th August
Time: 10am – 4pm
Where: The Light Lab, Historic Village
Price: $395

All lighting equipment; strobes, constant lights and light modifiers will be supplied, as well as tea, coffee and snacks.

Participants must bring a Canon, Sony or Nikon DSLR or mirrorless camera - Sorry we have triggers to fire flash for these brands only. Other camera brands are acceptable if participants have their own Godox trigger.

Nic is a professional photographer, a sculptor & arts educator with more than 25 years in Creative Industries. With a multidisciplinary approach to his arts practice, he has the skills and experience as well as energy to pass these on through thoughtful and encouraging tutelage in a friendly environment.

Follow him on his Facebook and Instagram pages – Nicholas Charles Photography

Visit his website


Kawhe Kōrero! Order your daily cuppa in te reo

Mahuru Māori

Love your kawhe or tea? Okorore/The Incubator have teamed up with Our Yard N Eatery here at the Historic Village to make your daily cuppa even better. Our goal is to get 100 people to give te reo Māori a go. Order your drink or kai in te reo and get a hefty discount on your beverage.

Don't think you're ready? We'll have posters to help you, from beginners to advanced we welcome everyone to give it a go. Join us for Mahuru Māori this year. Use as little or as much as you like, we have created a safe place for you to try.

Kia Kaha te reo Māori!

Date: Friday, 2nd September

Time: 8am – 3pm

Where: Our Yard N Eatery in The Culture Club, Historic Village

tītī tōrea.jpg

Tītī Tōrea / Māori Stick Game Workshop

Mahuru Māori

This is a great way to introduce the use of Te Reo, come along and take up the challenge this year. Try something new and take home what you make to keep practicing at home.

Tutor: Hayley Smith
Where: Village Cinema
When: 3rd September
Workshop One Time: 12pm - 1pm
Workshop Two Time: 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Cost: $10

Bookings are essential


Tītī tōrea, is played with wooden sticks it is a stick game that is commonly played in Aotearoa today. Through song, rhythm and repetition this is a great way to learn especially for beginners.

We are also learning, hand eye coordination, timing, rhythm and patience. It involves two or more seated players, throwing sticks to each other in time to accompanying song.

This is a safe place to learn free of judgement and free to make mistakes. Hayley is a patient and a fluent speaker, she will look after you.


When and why Māori played this game? Come along and find out. We welcome teachers, parents, tamariki,(children), grandparents to come along to this learning session with one of our favorite Kaiako/teacher, Hayley Smith.


Labelling Your Home or Office with Te Reo Māori

Mahuru Māori

Have you always wanted to start using te reo more at home or workplace but didnt know where to start?

Come along and join Pani this Mahuru Māori in a hour long workshop. With guidance, Pani will give you the tools to start you on your journey. You just need to take the first step. And what an exciting journey to embark on. Pani is the perfect person to get you started.

Bring any tricky words you need help with translation for. You will be hand writing your labels for your kitchen, house, office, home and more. You will have the option of purchasing pre-made decal stickers already made on the day.

Tutor: Pani Lawson
When: Tuesday, 20th September
Where: Creative Campus (next to the Incubator)
Time: 6.30pm-7.30pm

Cost: $25

Bring a pen, note pad or note book. All other materials are provided. 
Bookings essential

INSTA TILE Silver Ring Making Workhop.png

Stone Setting for Jewellery Workshop

with Alexandra Mostyn

This workshop focuses on stone setting, using round or oval stones and learning how to create a bezel for the cabochon stone to sit in.

This is the follow-on workshop for those who have made a sterling silver ring in the beginner ring making workshop. It's also open to people who want to bring an old silver ring and set a stone onto it or set a stone and turn it into a pendant. Please bring a chain or leather string to put through your pendant loop.

First we will discuss design ideas, then measure and create a bezel to then be set onto a ring or turned into a pendant. Sterling silver bezel wire and flat metal will be supplied and 1 cabochon stone. Stones will measure around 20mm if round or slightly smaller if oval.

Students can bring along their own stones if they wish - Students are advised to please not bring precious stones such as diamonds or emeralds as these cannot be set in sterling silver and require a gold setting.

Tutor: Alexandra Mostyn
Date: Saturday, 10th September
Time: 10am – 3pm
Where: The Artery

Tools and Metal supplied. See listing for other materials required.

Spaces are limited, so get in quick!